Nashua woman charged after allegedly stalking her ex-boyfriend

NASHUA – A 22-year-old local woman prohibited by court order from being around her ex-boyfriend allegedly found his parked car on Saturday and blocked him in. Then on Sunday, she allegedly followed him into police headquarters, where she told officers he “kidnapped (her) baby,” according to police reports.

A short time later, Felicia Levesque, of 8 Rochette Ave., was under arrest on two counts of stalking and one count of resisting arrest or detention, police said. She was booked on the charges then transported to Valley Street jail pending Monday’s arraignment in Nashua district court.

The charges, all misdemeanors, accuse Levesque of violating the order, issued on April 28, by contacting her ex-boyfriend and coming within 300 feet of him on two occasions.

The resisting arrest or detention charge was added when she allegedly disobeyed the arresting officer’s orders to put her hands behind her back, the reports state.

Instead, Levesque allegedly grabbed onto a counter with both hands, and told the officer “you’re not arresting me … this is not going to go down like that,” police said.

At Monday’s arraignment, Judge James Leary set bail at $750 cash, and ordered Levesque be transported to a Manchester hospital for evaluation.

Leary’s order states that if Levesque is admitted to the hospital, her bail will convert to $750 personal recognizance. If she is not admitted, she is to appear in court Tuesday for a bail hearing, Leary wrote.

At the time of Levesque’s arrest on Sunday, her ex-boyfriend told police he was parked at a

residence on Saturday when Levesque allegedly showed up and “parked her vehicle angled closely toward (his) vehicle in a manner that prevented him from driving forward,” police said in reports.

The ex-boyfriend told police Levesque got out of her car and went up to a passenger-side window of his car and began “tapping on the window and speaking through the window to her and (her ex-boyfriend’s) shared daughter,” according to police, who said the child is about 21 months old.

When the ex-boyfriend went to police headquarters, he told police Levesque “likely followed him there,” noting she allegedly arrived within two minutes after he did.

Just before an officer came into the lobby, according to the ex-boyfriend, Levesque confronted him “and demanded that he allow her time with their daughter,” the reports state.

When the officer entered the lobby, he spoke with Levesque, who allegedly told him she went to where her ex-boyfriend was on Saturday because he had “kidnapped” her child, and “she wanted to see her child.”

At that point, the officer told Levesque she was under arrest, and after her initial attempt to allegedly resist, the officer took her into custody.