Hollis Dems host Town Hall with presidential hopeful Inslee

Photo by GEORGE PELLETIER Democratic presidential hopeful Jay Inslee addresses attendees of his ‘Climate Mission Tour’ at the Lawrence Barn in Hollis on Sunday night.

Bringing his “Climate Mission Tour” to New Hampshire, Democratic presidential hopeful Jay Inslee spoke with citizens at an intimate town hall discussion at the Lawrence Barn in Hollis on Sunday night.

“I’ve come here to say something very simple,” he said in his opening remarks. “I intend to make Donald Trump a blip in history.”

Inslee, a two-term governor, and also the only governor who has declared a run for the White House, touted the need for environmental policy reform, but not before slamming the president after his tweet of an “incitement to violence,” video about Muslim representative Ilhan Omar.

“I spoke about this earlier today,” he said. “This is so galling. It is not only an attack on this representative, endangering her security, it is an attack on all Muslim Americans, Muslim Americans who serve in the U.S. military, Muslim Americans who are teachers, and Muslim Americans who lost their lives in the 911 attack.”

The governor went on to say that the “fundamental genius” of America is our country’s ability to blend all nationalities and cultures.

Inslee has had a consistent record on the subject of Muslims in general terms: He was the first governor to take a stand against President Trump’s ban on Muslims.

And previously, when asked about his chances in the wide field of 2020 Democrats seeking the party’s nomination, Inslee said Presidents Carter and Clinton were, “pretty much governors of small states,” before they ran for the nation’s highest office.

Inslee said the most unique thing about his candidacy is stating that defeating climate change has to be the most paramount job of the next president.

“We have kicked this can down the road for three or four decades now,” he said. “There is only one more chance to save our kids and our grandkids from a very degraded future. If this is not job one, it will not get done.”

Other issues that Inslee has punctuated include immigration reform, the Clean Water Act and the economy.

The town hall was hosted by Democratic organizations from Hollis, Temple and New Ipswich, as well as the Sierra Club, Rights & Democracy NH, Echo Action and the Citizens’ Climate Lobby.