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Vaping device issue postponed pending additional information

By Jessie Salisbury - For The Telegraph | Apr 1, 2019

LYNDEBOROUGH – At the request of Middle/High School Principal Brian Bagley, the School Board has postponed the purchase and installation of vaping detector devices at the school until more is known. The education programs will continue.

The devices are expensive, Bagley told the Board on Tuesday during their regular meeting at the Central School. “They might help in the bathrooms but no where else. (Students) vape in the halls, in the library, and the classrooms.”

He said he is concerned there is currently only one company that makes the devices. “If we wait there may be newer versions that are cheaper and more effective.”

Cost of the suggested devices was $8,000.

He said Breathe New Hampshire had presented an all-school program last week that was well received by students and teachers.

“It’s not just Wilton. It’s everywhere. Every principal I’ve talked to. We’ll keep on educating.”

He mentioned “strings” that thread through sweatshirt hoods “that they can chew on,” and the practice of “zeroing out,” inhaling until no vapor is exhaled.

An audience member suggested adding a program for the fifth graders, “before they get to the middle school.”

The teachers are all aware of the problem, Bagley said. “We all are.”

Breathe New Hampshire is a group committed to eliminating lung diseases including asthma and tobacco use. They have been promoting clean air since 1916 and information can be found on line.

In other business on Tuesday, new board members John Clark of Lyndeborough and Tiffany Cloutier-Cabral of Wilton were introduced.

Matt Ballou was elected chairman and Alex LoVerme vice-chairman.

An elevator misfunction at Florence Rideout on Monday left a student stranded for a few minutes. The problem was to be dealt with on Wednesday.


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