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Aldermen approve $120K for recycling program

$6M expansion of the Four Hills Landfill also earns affirmative vote

By Adam Urquhart - Staff Writer | Mar 27, 2019

NASHUA – Board of Aldermen members late Tuesday gave final approval for spending $120,000 to keep Nashua’s recycling program going through June 30 — and voted to spend up to $6 million to expand the Four Hills Landfill.

The landfill funds will be going to Charter Contracting Co., of Boston through a contract with the city.

Mayor Jim Donchess said right now, the landfill has perhaps a year left before it becomes full. It would then have to close without this expansion.

“The construction of Phase Three, which has been licensed by (New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services) will buy an additional 10-15 years, Donchess said of the landfill work.

“Public Works is seeking to license Phase Four, which they think they can ultimately do. That will enable the life of the landfill to be extended for another 40 or so years,” Donchess added.

In any event, Donchess said both projects are necessary unless the city wants to just close the landfill. That, he said, would result in a very significant cost to residents and businesses.


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