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Biergarten in Merrimack hosts Puppy Bowl viewing party

By Adam Urquhart - Staff Writer | Feb 4, 2019

Telegraph photo by ADAM URQUHART Donation dog houses were set up in the Anheuser-Busch Biergarten in Merrimack Saturday afternoon during a Puppy Bowl viewing party. The event benefits the Humane Society for Greater Nashua.

MERRIMACK – In preparation for Super Bowl LIII, people helped the Humane Society for Greater Nashua at the Anheuser-Busch Biergarten in Merrimack Sunday during a Puppy Bowl viewing party.

The Merrimack brewery hosted the dog-friendly fundraiser, where dogs were welcome in the outdoor section of The Biergarten and Gift Shop. Fire pits with s’more kits and hot cocoa were available for purchase; however, due to health codes, no dogs were allowed in the Biergarten.

Inside the Biergarten, the 15th annual Puppy Bowl was on miltiple television screens for those looking to keep warm while watching. People viewed the fluffy fun while waiting for the big game to start, watching on as Team Ruff took on Team Fluff.

“This year, we’re trying to make it a little more accommodating with more TVs, which is nice,” said lead event manager at The Biergarten Lindsey Bangs. “We have games down in The Biergarten, a little more entertainment for them and food options. We’re trying to make it as comfortable and fun as we can, and make it better each year.”

Laurie Dufault, director of development and marketing for the Humane Society, said this is the sixth year the brewery has hosted a Puppy Bowl viewing party and that they love putting it on year after year. In previous years, the event was in their hospitality room that people go through at the end of brewery tours, but officials decided to expand the fun by taking things to The Biergarten.

“We definitely take a lot of pride in helping them (Humane Society) out and giving back to the community in that way,” Bangs said.

There also were beer and food specials, including Bud Light and Wolf Pup and puppy chow (Chex Mix) and hot dogs and chips. Also, those who brought a donation for the Humane Society received 10 percent off their gift shop purchase, excluding beer and food.

Last year’s event featured two Puppy Bowl stars, Edin (who’s name was changed to Murphy since adoption) and Iris through a partnership with Alamo Rescue Friends in San Antonio, Texas, and the Humane Society for Greater Nashua. Both retired Puppy Bowl players were adopted by local families from the Humane Society.

Bangs said this year no famous four-legged friends were present, but believes next year should feature some stars once again. However, just like last year’s event, she said little donation dog houses were set up for people to drop donations into.

Dufault said the Humane Society has been in the Puppy Bowl for five years in a row, and that this was the first year they did not have a puppy of the right age.

“It’s filmed early in the fall, and Animal Planet has distinct age groups they’re looking for, and we just didn’t have a dog that fit that,” Dufault said.

Next year, she plans to submit a dog for consideration with the hopes that they can once again secure bragging rights of having a puppy participate. Nevertheless, she said the brewery has been a great corporate sponsor and is pleased that they have continued this tradition.


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