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Report: Utility costs high in New Hampshire

By Adam Urquhart - Staff Writer | Nov 23, 2018

NASHUA – New Hampshire residents are paying a lot in utility costs, according to a www.move.org report.

When looking at each state’s utility costs, the report was broken down into the following categories: electricity, natural gas, internet, cable and water. All six New England states ranked in the top 10 most expensive, with New Hampshire coming in sixth place.

Those at move.org calculated electricity and natural gas costs by multiplying average national consumption rates by the average cost for these services in all 50 states.

Furthermore, they determined internet costs by examining a service level that included speeds of 60 Mbps, unlimited data and Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line.

Finally, for cable and water, they used the national averages to supply those figures for each state.

New Hampshire’s total average utility bill cost per month stands at $477.02. Electricity averages about $169.35 a month, ranking eighth. Natural gas averages around $107.67, ranking 20th. Internet (60 Mbps) costs $60 on average, ranking 27th. Again, because state-by-state information was unavailable for cable and water, the national average was applied for both. Average cable costs stand at $100 and average water costs stand at $40.

The national average utility cost per month is $125.22 for electricity, $100.53 for natural gas and $62.33 for internet (60 Mbps). The national average total cost of utilities per month stands at $422.08.

The Top 10 most expensive states for utilities are, from 1-10, Hawaii, Alaska, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine.

Adam Urquhart can be reached at 594-1206, or at aurquhart@nashuatelegraph.com.


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