New Church to conduct services at Nashua school

Legacy Church renting use of Nashua High School North facility

NASHUA – Members of a new church will conduct their first service in Nashua this weekend at one of the city’s high schools.

Legacy Church officials are launching their first service at 10:30 a.m. Sunday at Nashua High School North. They will be renting out space from the school to conduct worship services and various events.

However, this church does not have a permanent, physical location, said Pastor Rory Lawrence. He said he, his wife, Jenni, and others will be setting things up on the fly and tearing down once the service is complete.

From there, all items will then packed back into a truck until the following week’s service. Lawrence said they are affiliated with a church in Salem called Granite United Church, which is a multi-site church. He said they have five campuses, with permanent facilities in Salem (main location) and Haverhill, Massachusetts. Aside from those physical locations, they also have other mobile churches in Manchester, as well as Lowell and Lawrence, Massachusetts.

“Basically what we want to do is, yes, focus on people inside, but focus on everyone not there,” Lawrence said of the church’s mission.

He aims to place a heavy emphasis on the community and the city as a whole. He said the biggest drive at Legacy is to ignite passion in the lives of others.

“We want to help them find purpose,” Lawrence said.

He said they want people to lead a legacy in their life, hence, the name Legacy Church.

“At the end of the day, we are going to die, and we don’t get to take anything with us, nothing,” Lawrence said. “And so for us, it’s all about what you leave, your legacy, the thing you leave behind.”

Lawrence said if one is not present in their city, why would their city care that one exists. So, with that in mind, he and other volunteers have gotten involved in various Nashua events to give back and help out. Although originally from Manchester, he said Nashua is near and dear to him.

“I love this city because it’s one of the most creative cities I have ever experienced in my life,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence said Legacy will rent the high school’s auditorium, cafeteria and a couple other sections of the building that are connected when first walking through the doors. Lawrence said when people walk into the main entrance, there will be people there to greet attendees. Also, he said there will be a parking team guiding folks from the rotary down to the parking lot. When people come in, they will have the option of checking their kids into the the children’s class.

“Everything is meticulous when it comes to our kids,” Lawrence said.

With a focus on bettering the community, beyond those attending church, Lawrence is looking forward to Sunday’s first service.

“It’s about elevating the community, not just building the church,” Lawrence said. “The church will build itself when you build the community.”

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