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Local church’s Greek Food Festival a success

By Adam Urquhart - Staff Writer | May 20, 2018

Adam Urquhart Charlie Pipilas, Lori Trearchis, Gail Philipon, Stella Bloom and Eleni Philipon are taking care of all the food going out on the line at the Saint Philip Greek Food Festival Saturday afternoon.

NASHUA – With 1,600 pounds of lamb and 1,000 pounds of chicken, the Saint Philip Greek Orthodox Church’s Greek Food Festival drew thousands to the church over the weekend.

Friday and Saturday, nearly 8,000 people entered the church, stood in line for food and celebrated this annual event that took somewhere between 100 to 150 volunteers to put on.

One of four co-chairs of the Greek Food Festival, Jamie Pappas, said, “This has been quite an incredible weekend. Friday was unbelievable. With the forecast (for Saturday), we thought it might be quiet, but the line hasn’t stopped today, and we’re only three-and-a-half hours in.”

She said the amount of people who came out to support them is incredible.

“Some people come for lunch and dinner both days,” Pappas said. “I believe we will have one of our most successful festivals this year.”

Adam Urquhart The rainy weather didn’t deter people from coming out for the second day of the Saint Philip Greek Food Festival on Saturday.

Now that this year’s Greek Food Festival has come to an end, it won’t be too long before the planning for the 2019 celebration is underway. She said they will probably be having a meeting in June to go over what went right and wrong at this year’s festival and to go over what the takeaways were and what needs improvement.

“We’ll take the summer and fall off, and then we’ll be beginning (planning) at the end of the year, (the) beginning of 2019.”

Adam Urquhart can be reached at 594-1206 or aurquhart@nashuatelegraph.com.

Adam Urquhart The men working the gyro station at the Saint Philip Greek Food Festival were kept busy on the second day of the festival.

Adam Urquhart Attendees of the Saint Philip Greek Food Festival take a closer look at the dessert section of the festival.


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