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Fully Stocked

By Hannah LaClaire - Staff Writer | Feb 21, 2018

Staff photo by Hannah LaClaire Katie Hunnewell (left) Susan Chmura and Nikki Green run the closet at Nashua High School Norh

Editor’s Note: This is the last in an eight-part series about Catie’s Closet locations throughout the Nashua.

The closet at Nashua High School North is, perhaps more than the others, really like a department store.

Aside from the shirts, pants and dresses, there are fashion scarves, wallets, full-sized shampoo bottles, makeup kits, acne medicine, hair products and more. In the spring, an entire wall is filled with prom dresses.

“If you talk to the kids, they’ll say that in the past, they’ve been embarrassed to come to school, but now they feel like the rest of their peers,” said Susan Chmura, head teacher for special education.

She helps run the closet with teachers Nikki Green and Katie Hunnewell.

“It’s been great, a wonderful resource,” Chmura said, adding that she has noticed increased attendance and self esteem in the students.

As the only high school closet, they have the ability to serve thousands of people, and the closet is used every day.

When the weather first started getting cold this season, Chmura said deliveries from Catie’s Closet were coming in almost three times per week; they couldn’t keep restocking fast enough.

Because there are so many possible sizes, they do not stock items like shoes or bras, but Chmura stressed that they will find what the kids need.


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