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IRS agrees to get more Americans their stimulus payments this year following efforts from Hassan

By Staff | Aug 16, 2020

U.S. Sen. Maggie Hassan

WASHINGTON – In response to efforts from Senator Hassan and her colleagues, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) today announced that they will re-open registration to allow Americans who are not typically required to file taxes and who have not gotten their $500-per-child stimulus payment to enter their information on the IRS Non-Filer tool in order to receive their payment by mid-October of this year.

The IRS will re-open its Non-Filer tool tomorrow, August 15, through Wednesday, September 30. Previously, the Treasury Department had said that Social Security, Veterans Affairs, and Supplemental Security Income beneficiaries who missed the short IRS window earlier this year to file for their $500 payment would have to wait until they file a tax return next year to receive them.

“Many Americans need help, and they can’t afford to wait months for the relief that they were promised. I am grateful that the IRS has heeded our bipartisan calls to ensure that Americans, including veterans and families who receive VA benefits, older Americans on Social Security, and Americans who experience disabilities, receive the direct assistance that they are entitled to,” Senator Hassan said. “I urge anyone who missed the registration deadline the first time around to enter your information into the IRS portal without delay so that you can receive your $500 payment per child. For anyone who continues to have issues getting their $500 payment, you can always call my Manchester office at 603-622-2204 and we will do whatever we can to assist you.”

Hassan has been leading efforts with her colleagues to ensure Americans receive their COVID-19 stimulus payments. As a result of efforts from Senator Hassan and others, more than 18 million Americans should have automatically received their $1,200 stimulus payments included in the bipartisan CARES Act without having to file tax returns. Senator Hassan joined her colleagues in successfully calling on the Treasury Department to issue stimulus payments automatically to those who receive Social Security retirement or disability benefits, Supplemental Security Income, and VA pension, disability, or survivor benefits. Senator Hassan recently joined in introducing bipartisan legislation instructing the Treasury Department to quickly send the $500 cash assistance per child to Social Security, Veterans Affairs, and Supplemental Security Income beneficiaries who have not received them.


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