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Nashua, Hudson students among those filmed by Museum of Science for curriculum guide

By Staff | Dec 5, 2013

CHELMSFORD, Mass. – The Keystone Montessori School, which includes New Hampshire
students from Nashua and Hudson, will be featured in the Boston Museum of Science engineering curriculum guide, which is planned for countrywide use.

The museum chose the school’s elementary program to film its engineering unit on water filters. The museum chose Keystone because of its unique program and staff experience.

Keystone’s elementary program is composed of a multigrade class setting in which students develop teamwork and leadership skills through student-driven, discovery-based learning.

Teachers have extensive training in the science, engineering, technology and mathematics fields and experience with disseminating teaching practices with hands-on lessons using the Montessori method.

Designing water filters is a part of the Engineering is Elementary program that was developed by the museum, which aims to foster engineering and technological literacy for all elementary students.

Keystone students learn what technology is and what types of work environmental engineers do, and after exploration and testing with materials, students use the engineering design process to create their own water filters.

The museum filmed the learning process and conducted interviews in November in order to create digital resources for other schools and teachers across the country, who will use the Engineering is Elementary curriculum to teach 21st-century skills in the STEM fields.

“My son is in his third year of Keystone’s elementary program, and is regularly exposed to concepts and ideas that I did not encounter until I entered college,” Pam Davies said. “I am thrilled with how much he is learning, and more than that, how excited he is to go to school every day.”

Another parent, Akash Vallecha, of Nashua, said, “Lots of scientific facts and terms (are) webbed together in a comprehensive presentation, without overwhelming in any way.”

Vallecha is “totally impressed by the diligence and care of the teaching staff, obvious in every demonstration at KMS. If I could only enroll myself for the same.”

For more information about the school, contact Meghan Duffy at 1-978-521-2929 or meghan.duffy@keystoneschool.com, or visit keystoneschool.com.


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