Mentoring group for girls organizes Nashua PAL’s first Fall Fest

Photo by Amy DeMien Mentees Jennifer Garcia and Alejandra Iberra have fun at the Nashua Police Athletic League Friday Fall Fest.

NASHUA – Surrounded by leaves peaking, the prominent scent of apple cider and pumpkin spice, and houses dressed in spooky Halloween decor, the Nashua Police Athletic League (PAL) celebrated the season by putting on their first Fall Fest on Friday.

With the Nashua PAL Girls Mentoring Group leading the charge, attendees from all throughout the community came to enjoy the festivities.

Some indulged in treats they took part in creating, such as fresh apple cider made from an old-fashioned apple press and caramel apples with an assortment of sweet toppings available to mix and match. Others played candy-themed games, such as a table-wide game of tic-tac-toe played with candy pieces and a candy counting content with five different jars filled to rim with crowd favorite sweets. Many participated in fun autumn-themed craft projects including decorating pumpkins and writing thankful quotes on paper chain links.

A few of the volunteers running different stations throughout the event were Rivier University students committed to engaging in community service by getting involved in the local youth development organization.

It’s a great event,” said first year Nashua PAL volunteer and Rivier University student Jessica Riposa. “Many of these kids don’t have the best access to these kinds of activities, so it’s nice to be here with them and help them have fun.”

Others were Nashua PAL mentoring group members who had a big hand in organizing the event. In fact, the event was formed after the group brainstormed about different ways to involve the community in a family fun event and decided, in the end, to throw the festival.

“This turned out to be a really fun event,” Valeria Valencia, a member of the Nashua PAL Girls Mentoring Group who helped make plates at the caramel apple station. “We do so much through the mentoring group. We go places, plan events, and do community service. We hope to do this again next year.”

Also working together to run the event were mentees Pearla Garcia, Jennifer Garcia, Alejandra Ibarra, Junely Grullon, and Adriana Flores with support from two male Nashua PAL members, Abdiel Hernandez and Jahir Ginorio.

“We’ve been coming since we were little,” Ibarra said. “I’m glad we could give back to the community in this way.”

Nashua PAL Executive Director Shaun Nelson said, “I’m excited about how this event came together for the community, and extremely proud of our female leaders.”