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Derry Imaging invests in early-detection tech

By Staff | Jun 24, 2019

DERRY – Derry Imaging recently announced they are bringing an innovative technology on board through Volpara Solutions, a leading provider of breast imaging analytics and products that improve the early detection of breast cancer.

Derry Imaging will be the first local provider to use VolparaLive!, a revolutionary device that uses artificial intelligence to help technologists monitor image quality in real time, ensuring patients consistently receive a high-quality mammogram.

“We are investing in Volpara’s technology because they have a proven track record of delivering accurate, real-time monitoring of the quality of breast imaging. Having this quality assurance measure in place means fewer call-backs for our patients and earlier alerts when additional screening is necessary,” said Michael Eastman, director of Derry Imaging.

As part of the Volpara Enterprise Clinical Applications investment, Derry Imaging’s on-site radiologists will have access to VolparaDensity technology to automatically and objectively determine the volume of dense tissue in the breast.

This provides a more consistent density assessment and helps radiologists identify women who may benefit from additional screening, such as ultrasound or breast MRI.

For more information, visit the website at www.DerryImaging.com.


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