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Nashua High School South hosts successful fall TEDx event

By Staff | Oct 24, 2023

Abhinav Avvaru, organizer of the TEDx Talk Series at Nashua High School South. On Oct. 19, Avvaru spoke about Nanobubbles: Miniature Marvels Altering Water Treatment. Courtesy photo/Nashua School District

NASHUA – Nashua High School South hosted its second TEDx event on Oct. 19. This was the second TEDx event of its kind to ever be hosted at the school. It brought together a diverse group of speakers who shared their unique ideas with an audience of students, educators and residents.

The event was organized by Abhinav Avvaru, president of the TEDx Club at Nashua South. Recognizing the importance of fostering a culture of innovation and intellectual curiosity, Avvaru curated a lineup of speakers who brought fresh insights and innovative thinking to the stage. Avvaru was also the main driving force behind bringing TEDx to Nashua South, floating the idea more than a year ago. He was also the main organizer and licensee of the inaugural TEDx event in June.

The October TEDx event featured a captivating range of talks and performances, covering topics such as artificial intelligence, the environment and chess. Each speaker brought a distinct perspective, impressing the audience with their stories and engaging delivery.

The event was a testament to the power of ideas and the impact they can have on individuals and communities. It provided a platform for the young minds to express their unique perspectives.

“I am incredibly proud of what we achieved today, a culmination of months of planning and effort. This event has been really important for our community, showcasing the many unique perspectives and ideas we have here at Nashua South,” said Avvaru. “I also really wanted to thank Mr. Matthew Bowe, my teacher, and advisor for this event, who also helped this event become a reality. I can’t wait to continue making TEDx a big part of Nashua High School South and I am really excited for the June 2024 event.”


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