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Nashua High School South to host fall TEDx event

By Staff | Oct 11, 2023

Shown from left are the speakers from June 2023 TEDx event at Nashua High School South: Kuhu Jayaswal, Raina Shroff, Tatiana Tsoir, Rithika Praturu, Abhinav Avvaru, Vedant Patel, Mihir Garimella. Courtesy photo/Nashua School District

NASHUA – Nashua High School South recently announced that it will be hosting a TEDx event on Oct. 19 from 5:30 to 8 p.m., bringing together a diverse lineup of speakers to share their ideas, stories, and experiences with the community.

TEDx events are locally organized conferences that aim to provide a platform for sharing innovative and thought-provoking ideas. Nashua South has embraced this opportunity to foster a spirit of curiosity, intellectual growth, and community engagement within its student body and the wider community. The organizers have curated a lineup of engaging speakers who will inspire attendees to explore new perspectives, challenge conventional thinking, and spark meaningful conversations on a range of topics. There are eight speakers for this event: Abhinav Avvaru, a two-time TEDx speaker and organizer of the event, Vedant Patel, a one-time TEDx speaker and Nashua South junior, James Levesque, an author and podcaster, Advay Verma, a sophomore at Lexington High School, Olivia Odileke, an educator and author, Haasini Buddepu, a Nashua South sophomore), Adam Patterson, a speaker in blockchain and AI Space and Gary Leschinsky, a sophomore at Davidson Academy Online.

From technological advancements to water treatment, from the importance of chess to the power of adaptability, the speakers will cover a broad spectrum of ideas that reflect the issues and interests of our time.

“We are proud to have such a talented and inspiring group of speakers joining us,” said Abhinav Avvaru, the TEDx event organizer. “After our successful inaugural event in June 2023, this event is poised to be an even bigger success. Our speakers for this event include professionals and many people from diverse backgrounds. Their talks will challenge and captivate the audience. I cannot wait for this event as it will be a great opportunity for our community to hear many wonderful ideas.”

The event will take place in the auditorium at Nashua South, providing a comfortable and stimulating environment for attendees to engage with the talks. The event is open to students, faculty, parents and the wider community. Those interested in attending are asked to RSVP through the Instagram account for this event (@tedxnhss) and there is no cost to attend. Email tedxnashuasouth@gmail.com for any questions about the event.

This event promises to be a catalyst for inspiring conversations, fostering innovation, and shaping the future. Nashua South invites everyone to be a part of this extraordinary event and join in the journey of discovery, growth and enlightenment.

For more information about TEDxNashuaHighSchoolSouth, including speaker profiles and event details, please visit https://tedxnashuasouth.wixsite.com/nhss.


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