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Narkunas and Beauchemin to square off for Hillsborough 3 seat

By Christopher Roberson - Staff Writer | Sep 22, 2023

Republican David Narkunas will face Democrat Paige Beauchemin in the Hillsborough 3 special general election on Nov. 7. Courtesy photo

NASHUA – Having soundly defeated fellow Republican Joost Baumeister in the State House Hillsborough 3 special primary election on Sept. 19, David Narkunas will now face Democratic challenger Paige Beauchemin in the Nov. 7 special general election.

To earn his spot in the November race for House of Representatives, Narkunas received 41 votes to defeat Baumeister who received 12 votes from residents in District 3, which encompasses Ward 4 in Nashua.

Narkunas said he walked 29 miles going door-to-door during the primary campaign.

“I would like to thank my supporters for this win,” he said. “They really showed up and cared about making their vote count. I was able to see my footwork truly paid off.”

He said one of the top challenges facing the Third District is the ” influx of so-called migrants.”

“We have seen for some time now the devastating effects of the migrant crisis along the border as well as other major U.S. cities,” said Narkunas. “The increase in migrants has had a negative domino effect on virtually everything. Nobody is espousing the benefits of a sudden, unexpected overpopulation.”

He also called attention to the thousands of immigrants who arrived in Lowell, Mass. last month seeking asylum.

“It is only a matter of time before a progression will move north of the Massachusetts/New Hampshire border and into Nashua,” said Narkunas. “Another consideration in view of this will be the need to ensure a strong, properly trained and police force.”

Narkunas called attention to the situation in New York City where more than 113,000 immigrants have sought refuge since the spring of 2022. He also said a 60 square-mile camp is being constructed for immigrants in Houston.

“Preparedness will be important,” he said, adding that Nashua cannot accommodate a surge of immigrant families. “Constant, ongoing monitoring should be employed.”

This is Narkunas’ second run for a seat in the Third District after falling short in the last special general election that was held in May. That election was held to replace former State Rep. Stacie Laughton, who resigned after being charged with stalking.

Narkunas holds a degree in biochemistry from the University of New Hampshire and attended Suffolk University Law School.

“I attended Suffolk Law but left when I realized there was no reason for me to pursue Intellectual Property litigation,” he said. “However, I am indeed a long-time member of the U.S. Patent bar for prosecution.”

Beauchemin was unopposed in the primary and garnered 84 votes.

She is a registered nurse at St. Joseph’s Hospital and a member of the Nashua Family Network. Beauchemin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology from Chatham University and received her nursing certification from the Shadyside School of Nursing at the University of Pittsburgh.

Beauchemin could not be reached for comment.

The winner of the special general election will fill the seat previously occupied by former State Rep. David Cote, who resigned in July. The new representative will join Democratic incumbents Fred Davis and Marc Plamondon.


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