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Shampoo your paintbrushes

By Heloise - Hints From Heloise | Apr 13, 2024

Dear Heloise: When I wash my paintbrushes after painting, I “shampoo” them with a dish detergent, then “condition” them using a hair conditioner. Afterward, I rinse them really well and let them dry. I’ve been using the same brushes for years. — Jan Nelson, via email


Dear Heloise: Another great way to open stubborn jars is to use an auto oil filter wrench. It adjusts to many different sized lids; however, make sure to do it over the sink. If it takes too much force, you’ll end up splashing pickle juice everywhere. But that pesky lid will definitely come off.

I’m a daily reader of your column in the Journal Gazette. — Richard K., Fort Wayne, Indiana


Dear Heloise: Miss Donna wrote in that she prints out labels with her list of prescriptions to attach to doctor’s forms. I just keep a word document with prescriptions and supplements, plus one for medical history. Then I print out a paper copy to attach to the doctor’s forms, and I write “see attached” in the section that requests it. — M.D., in California


Dear Heloise: I have a kitchen hint. Mayonnaise now comes in squeeze bottles, which are great for making sandwiches. However, it’s difficult to get the last few teaspoons out. So, I add just a splash or two of buttermilk to the bottle. It gets all of the mayo out of the bottle or jar and still keeps it tasting delicious!

Hope you like my hint. — Betsy, Bellingham, Washington


Dear Heloise: Another use for outdated calendars is to donate them to a youth group such as the Boys & Girls Clubs. Kids might like a pretty picture to hang in their room, or the pictures can be used to make placemats and other things for such groups. Another group is Meals on Wheels. — Mercy Grace, via email


Dear Heloise: I do volunteer work with a nonprofit organization called NICU Helping Hands/Angel Gown Program (www.nicuhelpinghands.org). We take donated wedding dresses and make gowns for infants who are about to take their last journeys as they leave this world. We consider it a privilege to honor a tiny life by making a burial gown and helping a bereaved family.

As sad as the occasion is, it’s still a wonderful feeling to know that I can help someone who is grieving. In fact, most charities need more volunteers. I urge anyone who is retired or has free time to find a charity in need of helping hands and look into volunteering. Somewhere someone needs your help. — Anon., in San Antonio


Dear Heloise: This is Harley Jones, a very sweet pit bull mix. She resides with our family, who loves her to death. She is our angel. — A Reader, via email

Readers, to see Harley Jones and our other Pet Pals, go to Heloise.com and click on “Pet of the Week.”

Do you have a furry friend to share with our readers? Send a photo and a brief description to Heloise@Heloise.com. — Heloise

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