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Hints From HeloiseHave carts handy for customers

By Heloise - Hints From Heloise | Sep 24, 2022


Dear Heloise: Although my 91-year-old mom is still able to shop for herself and drive to a couple of nearby stores, she does struggle with one little problem: There aren’t any shopping carts near accesible parking. When she gets out of the car, she likes to have a cart nearby for her purse and to help stabilize her entry through the automatic doors, or when walking past people. It would be so helpful if stores could keep a few carts handy for these folks.

She tells me so many kind strangers notice her struggle and bring her a cart. It’s such a welcome help and an easy, kind gesture. I never even thought about this as a problem, but I’m now looking for ways to help others as I walk into stores. Thanks for your wonderful and helpful column! – Cheryl L., Kansas City, Kansas



Dear Heloise: I have found a better product to use when cleaning golf clubs. Instead of a wire brush, I opt for a small scouring pad, like you would use on baking dishes. It’s cheaper, and when it’s worn out, you can just buy a new one. I even have one type of sponge I hang on my bag to use during a round. It’s perfect! – Kent Speer, via email



Dear Heloise: After reading the Sound Off about seniors looking for work, I have a suggestion for a temporary job. County election boards offer a variety of temporary jobs such as programming election machines, preparing election day materials, and manning polling sites. I suspect that many counties, like my own, have a difficult time recruiting workers. These temporary jobs allow seniors to earn a little extra money, all while performing a civic duty. – Roland E. Camp, Munster, Indiana



Dear Heloise: My husband loves sausage balls, but arthritis has made it hard for me to mix them with a heavy spoon as I once did. I find that using the dough hook on my stand mixer makes it so much easier. I just put all the ingredients in the mixing bowl, attach the dough hook and let it do its work. Since it is a heavy mixture, you need to lock the mixer’s head, and it’s a good idea to stop it – and scrape the bottom and sides – a couple of times. It takes my mixture about 15 minutes, and increasing the speed for the last five minutes gets it thoroughly mixed. – Joann Thompson, San Antonio



Dear Heloise: Years ago, I put an opened bag of those colorful puff balls used in crafts inside a drawer in a back bedroom. I once left the drawer ajar, and my cat stole one to play with. I’ve left the drawer open ever since and replenished the puff balls as needed. It amuses me that my old cat keeps stealing them. Right now, I can see three from where I sit. – Mary Jo Martinsen, via email



Dear Heloise: This is Kiko. He is two months old. We rescued him in Benton, Pennsylvania, at my sister’s cabin. He instantly bonded with my granddaughter, and is so loving. He was the perfect addition to our pet family. We all adore him. – Jason Yulich, via email

Readers, to see Kiko and our other Pet Pals, go to Heloise.com and click on “Pet of the Week.”

Do you have a furry friend to share with our readers? Send a photo and a brief description to Heloise@Heloise.com. – Heloise


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