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Amherst PTA seeking directors for annual theater production

By Staff | Apr 26, 2018

AMHERST – The Amherst PTA is looking for the next talented director to share their theatrical vision with the Amherst community. The PTA is seeking a director for the 2019 Amherst PTA play, which has served as the largest fundraiser for the parent-teacher organization for the last 66 years. This year’s all-volunteer production – Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” – recently completed its run at Souhegan High School on April 15.

The search is beginning for enthusiastic directors, musical directors and choreographers who bring passion and love for teaching all aspects of theater to the production. The PTA is specifically looking for teams who are positive, inclusive and prepared to have fun. There is a dedicated group that is willing to support upcoming directorial teams with experience in many of the technical production, and management aspects.

The proceeds from this event go to support the enrichment programs the PTA offers to the children within the Amherst community from pre-K through eighth grade. In addition to nurturing a love of theater, the production’s primary function is a fundraiser to support our nonprofit organization, so no stipend is provided for the all-volunteer production.

The Amherst PTA has provided the following guidelines for the selection process.

* The PTA has a limited budget and is looking for people who can bring a reasonable amount of staging resources and contacts to the table. For the past two productions, $9,000 has been the budget provided by the PTA.

* The show must be a play/musical that is family friendly and can draw a large cast and crew, and provide many child parts in addition to adult roles. The show also should draw an audience of all ages.

* Auditions are in early January. Rehearsals run January through mid-April and are at Clark-Wilkins Elementary School in Amherst. Rehearsals are generally two evenings and Sunday afternoons each week. The show is usually performed during the second or third week in April and is at the Souhegan High School theater. It is important to note that the play’s production is limited to school guidelines in the use of their space, and the PTA expects reasonable rehearsal schedules due to the many children and families involved.

* When selecting their show, directors should have a “Plan B” in mind in case issues arise with licensing rights.

Proposals should include:

* Proposed budget.

* Bios of the production team expected to assist with the play.

* Minimum/maximum cast/ensemble/groupings sizes (women, men, dancers, tappers, singers, etc). Please include leads and ensembles for children.

* A few paragraphs describing the director’s vision of the production.

* Known gaps in the production plan.

* Fall-back show (please include cast size/requirements at a minimum).

Proposals for directing are due no later than May 14 for the 2019 theater season. Proposals can be mailed to:

Amherst PTA

P.O. Box 70

Amherst, NH 03031

Proposals also may be emailed to amherstptanh@gmail.com. Potential directors will be contacted within one week to set up an interview.


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