VeoRide has been a success

With winter bearing down, most people may not be thinking about a leisurely bicycle ride.

In Nashua, though, the VeoRide bike program is going strong, even in inclement weather.

In June, a fleet of bicycles were delivered to the city. Over the next several months, countless residents took advantage of the two-wheeled, light blue bikes to navigate the city.

Although the number of bikes have been reduced over the colder months, the program still is alive and well.

Last week, VeoRide set up booths along Main Street offering downloads for donuts, where anyone who downloaded the app could then receive a donut. The bikes cost 50 cents for 15 minutes of use.

About 25 of the bikes are still available use at two locations on the opposite ends of Main Street – City Hall and Riverside BBQ.

“We have been pleased with how the community has embraced bike share and used it for transportation and recreation the past several months,” VeoRide Communications Director Linda Jackson said in an email.

The program will be back in full force once spring hits. The company even is considering bringing other options to this mark, fat tire bikes.

“Ridership is down in the wintertime, but overall, we believe the usage has been good, as anticipated,” Jackson added.

With few major incidents with the VeoRide bikes, the program indeed has been a success in Nashua.

From just taking a ride down Main Street, to individuals using them for transportation – such as getting to and from work – let’s hope VeoRide continues to eye the city for growth and expansion.