Two Nashua women facing multiple charges in unrelated incidents

NASHUA – Two unrelated incidents of alleged domestic assault, one in the city’s Crown Hill section and the other in a downtown residential area, led to the arrests of two women who both now face a series of charges, police said.

Andrea Luciani, 38, of 41 Newbury St., Apt. Three, and Sarah St. Laurent, 29, of 161 W. Hollis St., Apt. A, were arraigned Tuesday in Nashua district court, with proceedings taking place via video conference from Valley Street jail in Manchester.

Luciani faces eight Class A misdemeanor counts of simple assault – domestic violence involving bodily injury. She is accused of attacking a male partner by allegedly slapping him in the face, punching him in the eye and ear, scratching him in the head, and biting him in the eye and on his eye, forearm and wrist, according to the allegations.

Luciani was initially held on $5,000 cash or surety bail, which Judge Julie Introcaso modified at arraignment to $5,000 personal recognizance. She is scheduled to return to court at 8:15 a.m. Aug. 22 for a pre-trial conference.

In the meantime, Luciani is ordered to have no contact in person or otherwise with the alleged victim, and must otherwise remain on good behavior.

Police said officers were called to Luciani’s residence by a person who reported hearing a male voice say “stop slapping me,” according to their reports.

An officer said the alleged victim’s face was bloody, swollen, bruised and scratched, while Luciani had dried blood on her face, leg and pants.

The alleged victim was hesitant at first to describe what happened, the reports state. But he eventually told them Luciani was drinking and “was angry toward” him, and she allegedly “took out her anger physically on him … .”

In speaking with Luciani, however, police said they were told she and the man “were fine” and that “nothing occurred,” the reports state.

She then allegedly told officers she and the male “had been wrestling all day,” and finally told them the two were “having consensually rough sex,” according to the reports.

When Luciani “could not describe any of the actions during sex that would have caused the injuries” to the alleged victim, police said, the officers took her into custody.

As for St. Laurent, she faces five counts of simple assault – domestic violence involving bodily injury, and one count each of criminal mischief and domestic violence. All are Class A misdemeanors.

The charges accuse St. Laurent of going into a bedroom and starting an argument with the alleged victim, described as a male partner, then “pushing him in ‘tackle-like style,’ making him fall backward …,” police reports state.

The man told police he tried to leave the room, but St. Laurent allegedly struck him in the back of the head, which police noted “was swollen, had a cut, and was bleeding.”

He told police he was “trying to get away from” St. Laurent, but she allegedly followed him into the kitchen, where she allegedly began “punching him and scratching him in the face repeatedly,” police said.

He also told police that earlier, St. Laurent allegedly told him she was “going to try to get him into trouble,” which he told police he recorded on his cell phone.

St. Laurent reportedly tried to make good on that alleged threat, as police said they received calls from neighbors reporting a woman “came running outside saying her boyfriend assaulted her … .”

An arriving officer said in his report he recognized St. Laurent “from previous police contacts,” and that she told officers her boyfriend assaulted her and that she needed to go to the hospital.

But during their investigation, which included speaking with St. Laurent and the alleged victim, police determined it was St. Laurent who was the alleged aggressor, and they issued a warrant for her arrest.