Meeting the new teachers at Nashua Christian Academy

One of the most exciting things about each new school year is meeting new people. This year, Nashua Christian Academy not only has new students, but new teachers.

Kara Lafon is a teacher brand new to the school, and David Schutt is a returning teacher who taught at the school nearly a decade earlier while on a furlough from the Philippine mission field.

Schutt spent 27 years
at Faith Academy in the Philippines, teaching missionary children and working as a missionary himself.

Though the Philippines boasts to be the only
Christian-Asian nation, most of her people are casual Christians who don’t have a good understanding of their faith.

One of the ways that missionaries reach the Philippine people is through basketball. Schutt and some of his students during the summer went on trips to different areas where they would play a basketball game with the local kids and at halftime talk with them about Christ.

Schutt said he came into this school year without expectations, not wanting premonitions based on his past time teaching to affect his time at this school, but to be able to integrate in naturally.

He is looking forward to teaching and reaching the kids at NCA and hopes that he can instruct them as much about life as mathematics.

Similarly, Lafon is excited to be teaching at a Christian school, because she can see God working in the students and the class community. Besides teaching science, she can encourage students in their faith, unlike in most public schools today.

Before coming to NCA, she lived in Missouri working in a public school teaching Spanish – which makes sense, having been raised in Central America, where her parents were missionaries.

She found out about NCA through family connections. Her aunt Eva Good, has worked as the fourth-grade teacher for years, and her cousin, Jonathan Good, is a sophomore in the high school.

She is excited, though a little nervous, both for this school year and this winter, of which will be her first in New England.

It will be interesting to see how this year has changed, because of the new students and teachers. Though the policies have stayed very much the same since last year, we have had to say goodbye to many beloved teachers.

However, we have also gotten the exciting chance to say hello to many new teachers. This year will definitely be different from last, but I firmly believe that God has a year just as good in store for us.

Joshua Hartling is a senior at Nashua Christian Academy.