Probation violations land Nashua woman in State Prison

NASHUA – Although she was given a suspended jail sentence a year ago after pleading guilty to first-degree assault for attacking a man with a pair of scissors, Nashua resident Lauren Ivy Munday was also ordered to serve two years’ probation which, according to court documents, she began violating just weeks later.

Munday, 29, most recently of 93 Marshall St., was sentenced this month to a term of 1-3 years in the New Hampshire State Prison for Women, a disposition that came out of a plea agreement between her attorneys and state prosecutors.

Although documents show Munday allegedly violated her probation on several occasions throughout 2016, her sentence is based on her plea of "true," similar to "guilty," to two counts of violation of probation, which are Class A misdemeanors.

One of the violation charges, dated April 15, is tied to the probation order that was part of her plea agreement on the first-degree assault charge. The other stems from her June 27 arrest on another violation, documents state.

Thomas Harrington, a Department of Corrections probation and parole officer, notes in his reports filed in court numerous failures by Munday to report to him as scheduled. She also admitted to, and tested positive for, the continued use of illegal drugs on more than one occasion, according to Harrington’s report.

Harrington cites an instance in early June when Munday reported to him as scheduled, but shortly after she left his office he saw her in downtown Nashua "meeting individuals that this officer did not permit" her to associate with," he wrote.

Two weeks later, she again kept her scheduled appointment – but tested positive for marijuana, suboxone, cocaine, amphetamine and methamphetamine, the report states.

At the time, Munday was still recovering from serious injuries she sustained on May 12, when, allegedly in an attempt to elude police, she leapt from the roof of a downtown Nashua building.

Members of the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force and Nashua police, acting on two warrants for Munday’s arrest, had entered the building after getting a tip that Munday was inside, officials said at the time.

She ended up breaking a leg and a wrist, for which she was taken to a local hospital, where Task Force agents served the warrants.

One was for violating her probation, while the other had been issued when she failed to appear in a Belknap County court to testify as a material witness in what police called "a high-profile" case in that jurisdiction.

Meanwhile, Hillsborough County Superior Court South Judge Charles Temple, who presided over Munday’s plea and sentencing hearing this month, attached a number of stipulations to the sentencing order.

She must undergo a medical assessment regarding drug and alcohol abuse, and enroll in appropriate treatment and counseling sessions. She is also ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation, and be assessed for proper programs available at the jail.

Temple also recommended that corrections officials evaluate Munday for a "substance abuse disorder" and identify "all recommendations for treatment as (an) integral component of (Munday’s) parole plan."

Munday was also given credit for the 199 days she’s already served in jail, bringing her minimum sentence to roughly 5 1/2 months.

Dean Shalhoup can be reached at 594-1256, or @Telegraph_DeanS.