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Two choices for alderman-at-large

By Staff | Oct 30, 2013

Nashua voters have a difficult choice to make in selecting candidates for the alderman-at-large positions. The proper selection can change the tone of future Nashua priorities and spending. Of the incumbents, David Deane is by far the best choice because of his intricate knowledge of Nashua’s funding and reserves. Of the ward aldermen looking to move up, Daniel Moriarty is by far the best choice. Obtaining 818 nominating petition signatures shows dedication to the task at hand.

Alderman Moriarty’s recent vote against the majority on a labor contract shows outstanding leadership skills and reminds me of the late Richard Flynn and his lone vote against a teacher contract years ago. That vote proved prophetic because it was based on an attempt to slow large increases and many benefits which are now showing up in the budget.

Voting for Moriarty and Deane for alderman-at-large will strengthen the board’s consideration of conservative spending on top priority items of benefit to Nashua residents, especially taxpayers.

Michael Chrissis



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