Court upholds $750K judgement

CONCORD (AP) – New Hampshire’s Supreme Court has upheld a $750,000 jury award to a man who said he ate a hamburger at an Applebee’s restaurant and contracted salmonella.

Brandon Stachulski, of Derry, ate at the Concord restaurant with his then-fiancee and future brother-in-law in 2014. Both men had burgers and got sick.  Stachulski’s lawyer said his client was left with permanent gastrointestinal problems.

Apple New England, which owns the restaurant, filed an appeal last year. It said there was insufficient evidence to prove Stachulski’s health problems; questioned whether Stachulski’s expert witness testimony was permissible; and challenged the amount awarded to him.

The court on Wednesday disagreed with Applebee’s arguments and found in favor of Stachulski.

A message was left with Applebee’s seeking comment.