Arizona canyon famed for waterfalls to reopen after flooding

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) – An Arizona canyon that’s world famous for its blue-green waterfalls is reopening today, weeks after flooding closed it to tourism.

The Havasupai reservation deep in a gorge off the Grand Canyon has been closed since July 11. About 200 visitors had to be evacuated by helicopter after water surged through the campground.

Footbridges collapsed, tents were buried in sand and debris strewn about. The brunt of the damage was on an 8-mile trail that leads to the tribal village of Supai.

Tribal Council member Carletta Tilousi says the tribe has spent the past few weeks cleaning up with the help of neighboring tribes and volunteers.

Tourists can only reach the reservation by foot, mule or helicopter, and a limited number of visitor permits are available each year.