Family recalls Silver Knights naming contest

My favorite Nashua Silver Knights memory involves the naming contest that was held when the team was being started.

I read about it in The Telegraph and told my seventh-grade son, who had grown up going to the Pride and Defenders games, about the contest. He was so excited, he made lists of possible names. After numerous submissions, he received the notification that his entry had won.

The fourth-graders of Nashua had selected one of his entries. He also was told that one other person had submitted the same name, The Nashua Knights. He was informed that he would receive free tickets to the opening game, get some team products and throw out the first pitch.

He began practicing immediately. The date was announced for the opening game. It turned out that day also was the 50th anniversary of his grandparents wedding. The front office was forthcoming with additional front-row free tickets for that historic event. We were next notified that the name would need to be altered to the Nashua Silver Knights due to a naming conflict with another organization.

Finally, opening day arrived. Grandparents, parents and the contest winner were off to Holman Stadium for the big event. After taking our seats in the cold and wet weather, we waited anxiously for our son to throw out the first pitch while watching several other dignitaries do the same.

With great pride, we saw him throw from the pitcher’s mound. He looked so small. He is now 6-foot, 5-inches tall and has just completed his sophomore year at UNH.

The team has been a source of joy for our family over the years, and we have quite the Nashua Silver Knights wardrobe, too. We’ve met celebrities, gotten autographs and had photos taken with them. We’ve eaten hot dogs with money wrapped in them, gotten free T-shirts and enjoyed the fireworks. Holman Stadium has been a place where people can gather, enjoy the summer weather and watch some baseball. What’s better than that?