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Topic: Sports Injuries

Sports Injury


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New rules: Growing awareness of injuries forces family prep work before season starts

College eligibility: Getting injured in college can cost you more than playing time

Sports medicine: More people in sports means more need for medicine

Athlete profile: Daniel Webster College's Vanessa Bosques, from basketball standout to crutches


Concussion awareness: More schools are testing for concussions, but not all

The science of concussions: Granite Geek columnist David Brooks researches concussions

Athlete Profile: Nashua's Mandy Rogers, a seemingly small head injury leads to big problems


ImPACT Testing: A look inside the test before the impact

Suiting up: Equipment can help, but it can't prevent injury alone

Athlete Profile: Amherst's Sam Ballard, forced to quit soccer, runs for it


Training days: Athletes line up outside the trainer's office like shoppers at the deli counter

Tape it up: Jerry Holland, synonymous with athletic training in Nashua schools for 20 years

Athlete Profile: Bedford football player Will McInerny always had problems with his knees.


Healing: Despite gains in technology, athletes can't rush back onto the field

Emotional rescue: Helping athletes heal emotionally from injury is important too

Liability: It is difficult to hold a school or coach liable for a student's injuries

Athlete profile: Rivier University point Jake Nelson -- dribble, pivot, collapse


Prevention leads forum discussion: Coverage of community forum between experts and the public

Concussion discussion: NH's Science Cafe explores the science of concussions

Athlete profile: Sidelined BG football player Clyde Boykin wants back on the field

Broken Athletes News

NH concussion laws to cover middle school athletes; schools to alter policies, if necessary

NASHUA – School districts have made a lot of changes in the last year to policies that are in place to keep student-athletes safe from … Full story    
Published:  July 7, 2013

Aggression, depression linked to multiple concussions in new study

WASHINGTON – A new study of brains donated after death details the degenerative brain disease that afflicted 68 of 85 subjects who suffered multiple concussions … Full story    
Published:  December 5, 2012

Doctors call for sports designation for cheerleading

CHICAGO – Cheerleading isn’t just jumping and waving pompoms – it has become as athletic and potentially as dangerous as a sport and should be … Full story    
Published:  October 23, 2012

‘Broken Athletes’ sounds an alarm

All last week, The Telegraph featured a series of stories on the physical perils of young athletes participating in competitive sports. Parents of athletes, and … Full story    
Published:  October 21, 2012

Prevention leads forum discussion

Concussions, torn knee ligaments, broken bones and in some rare cases, life-altering events. Are athletics, especially contact sports, worth the risk? The answer was a … Full story    
Published:  October 19, 2012

Broken Athletes: Boykin sits out with ‘thrower’s shoulder’

Clyde Boykin looked out of place on the Bishop Guertin High School football sidelines early this season. He stood in jeans and sneakers right near … Full story    
Published:  October 19, 2012

Science Cafe features concussion discussion

CONCORD – Ryan Devoe says he would still play lacrosse, football and go skiing in high school if he had to do it all over … Full story    
Published:  October 19, 2012

Mental fight for injured players

When Dan O’Neill, a  physician specializing  in sports medicine, hears about an athlete who is reeling emotionally after a serious injury, it’s like a call … Full story    
Published:  October 18, 2012

Sports medicine’s education payoff

It’s all about education. If you’re looking for reasons why sports medicine has become an athlete’s best friend today, it’s simply because those in the … Full story    
Published:  October 18, 2012

Expert: Ease up on ‘tough it out’

Laura Decoster doesn’t care about being popular. Her new school thoughts on sports injury prevention certainly will clash with old school ideas. “It’s certainly true … Full story    
Published:  October 18, 2012

Player’s knee pain not tendonitis

Will McInerny always had problems with his knees. Going back to his days in middle school, the Bedford High School senior could remember experiencing pain … Full story    
Published:  October 18, 2012

Nashua basketball stand-out not hindered by ACL tear

He had done the move a hundred times before. Point guard Jake Nelson, 10 minutes away from the last game of his sophomore basketball season … Full story    
Published:  October 17, 2012

Athletic trainers have full schedules in Nashua area high schools

It’s a Tuesday afternoon in early October, and the trainer’s room at Merrimack High School is buzzing. A half dozen kids wait to talk to … Full story    
Published:  October 17, 2012

Liability waivers have their limits

It’s the end of the summer, and the coach wants to get his team in shape. After running laps at the second of twice-a-day practices, … Full story    
Published:  October 17, 2012

Twist put focus on physical therapy

Your path in life can turn on just about anything. For Jerry Holland, it was an ankle. Holland thought he was on his way to … Full story    
Published:  October 17, 2012

Brain trauma cases and costs have soared in NH, but deaths are roughly level

Traumatic brain injuries have soared in New Hampshire over the past decade, sending thousands more people – particularly males – into the state’s emergency rooms, … Full story    
Published:  October 16, 2012

Ex-athlete/reporter takes the ImPACT

When I sat down at a computer in St. Joseph Hospital last month to take a test, I approached it the way I’ve always approached … Full story    
Published:  October 16, 2012

Right equipment can make difference

It’s one of Chris Couture’s favorite analogies. The sports medicine physician at Southern New Hampshire Medical Center’s Merrimack facility uses it when people asked how … Full story    
Published:  October 16, 2012

Parents talk injuries, pressure in youth sports

Michelle Sousa knows the impact a concussion can have on the brain. Growing up in the Gate City, she played many sports and had her … Full story    
Published:  October 16, 2012

More area students are preparing for ImPACT

For a lot of student athletes, preseason sports prep went something like this: buy a new mouthguard, get new cleats, shorts and T-shirts, and head … Full story    
Published:  October 16, 2012

Soccer player shifted to running

Sam Ballard will never forget his last concussion or his final moments as a high school soccer player, both occurring within 15 seconds of one … Full story    
Published:  October 16, 2012

Concussions are hard to detect, which is why Science Cafe is interested in them

Nobody really knows what’s going on inside somebody else’s head, and unfortunately that applies to concussion just as it does to our daily musings. “In … Full story    
Published:  October 15, 2012

Mild concussion worsens for Nashua lacrosse player

The date is fixed in her mind and may be for the rest of her life. On Oct. 6, 2010, Boston University senior Mandy Rogers, … Full story    
Published:  October 15, 2012

ImPACT test made diagnosing concussion easier

Three winters ago, then Souhegan High School freshman Elizabeth White was diagnosed with a concussion after a fall on her second day of downhill ski … Full story    
Published:  October 15, 2012

Specialists give care to injured athletes

The reason sports medicine has become such a booming business is pretty simple: There are more sports and more athletes playing them. Gone are the … Full story    
Published:  October 14, 2012

School districts take steps to protect athletes

Before taking the field this fall, athletes from Nashua High School North and South were required to complete a take-home test. The only way to … Full story    
Published:  October 14, 2012

Collegiate redshirt regulations strict

The folders are hidden somewhere in Daniel Webster College athletic director Robin Seidman’s office, and also are deep in his computer. They contain valuable information … Full story    
Published:  October 14, 2012

ACL tear gives Bosques 1 more year

A couple of years ago, after a stellar sophomore season, Daniel Webster College women’s basketball standout Vanessa Bosques was named the New England Collegiate Conference’s … Full story    
Published:  October 14, 2012

Glossary of Injuries

Broken Athletes: Glossary of Injuries There are two general types of injuries suffered by athletes, young and old alike. The first type is an acute … Full story    
Published:  October 14, 2012

Millions of kids at risk from sports injuries

Injured young athletes and their parents who are pushing for a speedy return to the athletic field may be doing more harm than good. “The … Full story    
Published:  October 7, 2012

Program teaches life-saving skills to high school athletes

SOLANA BEACH, Calif. – Tommy Mallon brought a crowd with him on his most recent trip back to his alma mater, Santa Fe Christian High … Full story    
Published:  February 12, 2012