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Topic: NH Capitol Watch

New Hampshire Capitol Watch

Leaders in the state Legislature say their agenda is to create jobs, stimulate business, and lessen government obligations.

Among the hundreds of proposed bills, resolutions and Constitutional Amendments for 2012 some target those goals. Others are more far reaching, offering changes to nearly every aspect of life in the Granite State, whether it’s who can vote, how judges can rule, where someone can carry a gun, when a woman can have an abortion, or even when you can take a lunch break.

The series will cover the issues of health care, public assistance, government reform, the judiciary, social issues, guns, education and labor.

NH House backs extending closing hour to 2 a.m.

CONCORD – Last call at New Hampshire bars would be extended one hour to 2 a.m. with legislation that cleared the House of Representatives on … Full story    
Published:  March 22, 2013

NH House votes to decriminalize possession of small amounts of pot

CONCORD – The New Hampshire House of Representatives adopted a “Live Free and Get High” mantra Thursday, decriminalizing possession of less than a quarter ounce … Full story    
Published:  March 22, 2013

Bill to repeal second phase of voter ID law moves forward

CONCORD – The second and more strict phase of the state’s voter identification law would be suspended with legislation the House of Representatives adopted by … Full story    
Published:  March 22, 2013

Democrats ready to move to undo 2010 GOP’s laws

CONCORD – The campaign of Democratic leaders to undo 2011-12 laws of the Republican-led Legislature heats up here this week. The state Senate, where the … Full story    
Published:  March 19, 2013

Senate committee easily passes casino bill

CONCORD – The bill legalizing a single casino easily cleared its first hurdle Tuesday with state Senate approval expected March 14. The 4-1 vote of … Full story    
Published:  March 6, 2013

Hopes high for medical pot bill OK

Like many people suffering from disabilities, Chris Lopez hopes this will be the year the state legalizes marijuana for medical use. And like many, she’s … Full story    
Published:  February 20, 2013

New Hampshire Legislature holds cards over casino issue videocam

CONCORD – A fierce two-front war over casino gambling will be hard-fought in the Legislature over the next five weeks. The first battle is over … Full story    
Published:  February 17, 2013

Capitol Watch: Stars aligning for medical marijuana to become law in NH in 2013

After years of battling to legalize marijuana for medical patients, supporters believe they’ll finally be able to exhale. Last year, Massachusetts and Connecticut enacted laws … Full story    
Published:  January 13, 2013

Newtown shooting may have little impact on gun legislation in NH

CONCORD – The public outrage over the shooting of 20 children at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., might not be enough to spur changes … Full story    
Published:  December 23, 2012

Gov. Lynch has “real concerns” about education tax credit proposal

CONCORD – A legally valid way to direct private donations to support private schools is making its way to the desk of Gov. John Lynch, … Full story    
Published:  May 24, 2012

Senate turns down effort to impose waiting period for abortions

CONCORD – For the second time this month, the state Senate killed legislation to impose a 24-hour waiting period before a woman could have an … Full story    
Published:  May 24, 2012

Legislature has week to compromise

CONCORD – With relative breakneck speed, the state Senate on Wednesday set the stage for final negotiations over the 2012 legislative session, killing 14 bills … Full story    
Published:  May 24, 2012

Senate pans effort to ban International Baccalaureate program

CONCORD – The International Baccalaureate program, an honors curriculum offered to Bedford students, among others, will continue after the state Senate killed legislation proposing to … Full story    
Published:  May 17, 2012

Senate OKs welfare fraud bill; now goes back to House

CONCORD – State health officers would be able to conduct additional background searches on welfare recipients under a version of the welfare fraud bill passed … Full story    
Published:  May 17, 2012

Capitol Watch review: ‘Silly season’ for state lawmakers

CONCORD – The dominant Republican leaders running the New Hampshire Legislature had high hopes for the 2012 session to cement their standing as budget cutters, … Full story    
Published:  May 13, 2012

Senate backs bill supporting controversial Arizona immigration law

CONCORD – The state Legislature is now on record in support of the controversial Arizona law that cracked down on illegal immigration and is pending … Full story    
Published:  May 10, 2012

Bill to study how to create ‘balanced, neutral’ judiciary alive in Senate

CONCORD – Legislation to study how to create “a balanced and neutral judiciary” has passed the House and now sits before a Senate committee. House … Full story    
Published:  May 5, 2012

Bills urging US to withdraw from UN, NAFTA are ‘dead,’ sponsor says

CONCORD – The Senate put the brakes on two House bills lobbying to get the United States out of the United Nations and NAFTA. The … Full story    
Published:  May 5, 2012

Capitol Watch: Welfare limits wanted by House, tough sell in Senate

CONCORD – A House-approved move to reduce the lifetime limit for New Hampshire residents to collect welfare got stopped in its tracks by a powerful … Full story    
Published:  May 4, 2012

Proposal to limit terms for judges never makes it the state Senate

CONCORD – Bills that survived debate, revision and votes in the state House of Representatives now are moving through the Senate. Not among them is … Full story    
Published:  May 4, 2012

Capitol Watch Update: Education tax credit bills move forward, pledge of allegiance bill killed

CONCORD – State senators gave initial approval Wednesday to a bill that would establish education tax credits for businesses and offer scholarships to students who … Full story    
Published:  May 4, 2012

Tort reform measure dead, at least for this session

CONCORD – Win a lawsuit and want the losing party to shell out the money you spent on attorneys fees and court costs? Sorry, you’ll … Full story    
Published:  May 4, 2012

O’Brien’s welfare reform proposal faces skepticism in Senate

CONCORD – State Senate budget writers voiced skepticism Thursday about House Speaker William O’Brien’s aggressive plan to crack down on welfare fraud. State human service … Full story    
Published:  May 4, 2012

Capitol Watch: In-state students may have to swear NH residency before getting financial aid

CONCORD – Home-grown students attending New Hampshire public colleges must sign an affidavit affirming they are residents in order to receive in-state tuition, according to … Full story    
Published:  May 3, 2012

Capitol Watch: Senate kills bill to expand concealed weapons rights

CONCORD – The recent spate of wanton gun violence played a part in the state Senate killing a bill that would have expanded the rights … Full story    
Published:  May 3, 2012

Senate rejects several bills aimed at restricting abortions

CONCORD – The state Senate, in a crushing blow to New Hampshire’s anti-abortion movement, rejected bills that would put the local Planned Parenthood effectively out … Full story    
Published:  April 26, 2012

Senate panel endorses forcing Planned Parenthood out of performing abortions

CONCORD – A state Senate panel has endorsed Republican plans forcing Planned Parenthood of Northern New England out of the “direct or indirect” abortion business … Full story    
Published:  April 20, 2012

Refugee moratorium bill hits road block in Senate

CONCORD – A move to give any city or town the right to seek a one-year ban on accepting any more refugees appears headed to … Full story    
Published:  April 18, 2012

State senate committee holds testimony on four anti-abortion bills

CONCORD – Supporters of several bills to ban abortions fought against being labeled anti-women, while opponents told lawmakers they risked fouling New Hampshire’s reputation as … Full story    
Published:  April 13, 2012

Refugees testify against bill putting moratorium on resettlement program

CONCORD – Refugees to New Hampshire from Bhutan, Somalia and Sudan warned a proposed moratorium on newcomers would trap family members in wartorn homelands. Mukhtar … Full story    
Published:  April 11, 2012

Proposed bills address NH health care

CONCORD – The fate of the Affordable Care Act lies in the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court. Yet, before the justices issue their ruling, … Full story    
Published:  April 8, 2012

$1 billion at stake if anti-abortion law passes, state officials warn

CONCORD – The state’s Medicaid program could lose $1 billion in federal support if the Legislature outlaws public spending for any health provider directly or … Full story    
Published:  April 6, 2012

Senate panel all business on right-to-work

CONCORD – Roberta Blackler is a 30-year state employee currently with the state Liquor Commission but has never been a union member. But she urged … Full story    
Published:  April 5, 2012

Bill letting anyone contest voters dies

CONCORD – A state Senate panel moved quickly to kill a bill that would let anyone challenge voters without signing an affidavit. No one spoke … Full story    
Published:  April 4, 2012

Legislature considers bills that would have US withdraw from UN, NAFTA

CONCORD – State legislators have proposed several changes to the way government conducts its business this legislative session, ranging from quoting England’s Magna Carta, which … Full story    
Published:  April 1, 2012

Ban on abortion after 20 weeks passed by House

CONCORD – House members passed legislation banning abortions after 20 weeks Thursday, the fifth bill passed by the body in the past two weeks that … Full story    
Published:  March 30, 2012

House endorses Constitutional Amendment to limit powers of judicial branch

CONCORD – By the narrowest of margins, the House of Representatives voted Wednesday in favor of stripping judicial administrators of all their rule-making authority. The … Full story    
Published:  March 22, 2012

Capitol Watch: Labor remains issue for legislators

Last year’s fight over organized labor, which has divided lawmakers and union workers for months, proved only to be a prelude to this year’s continued … Full story    
Published:  March 18, 2012

House puts the brakes on 70 miles per hour speed limit on highways

CONCORD – House members on Thursday put the brakes on allowing motorists to legally drive 70 mph on some rural state highways, though both sides … Full story    
Published:  March 16, 2012

Evolution-as-theory bill not fit to survive in House

CONCORD – A bill that would have required public schools to teach evolution as a theory, a move often used by proponents of creationism to … Full story    
Published:  March 16, 2012