Bike Rack at H.E.A.R.T.S. would ‘secure transportation’

“The origins of the bicycle are shrouded in mystery,” according to the National Museum of American History, however, one thing is known for sure … whether a unicycle, bicycle, tricycle, kiddie or high-wheeled, the invention enabled folks to ‘get around’ faster than on foot. Some ride for exercise, others rely on pedal-power to get around, sadly, in both cases bikes are potential targets for theft. H.E.A.R.T.S. hopes a Mailbag reader will ‘have a heart’ and donate a bike rack.

Cycling security needed

“Now that it’s looking like spring is finally here, more of our members at H.E.A.R.T.S. are traveling to and from the center by bicycle,” says Tom Doucette, assistant executive director, H.E.A.R.T.S. Peer Support Center and Peer Crisis Respite Center (LTR 2,663). “The center provides many educational, creative, entertaining and social programs indoors for members to fully enjoy, hopefully without having to worry about their bicycle outdoors stolen or missing parts. I’ve noticed bikes chained or secured to trees and railings that could result in injury and/or property damage. If an individual or group could help us with a bike rack, it would be greatly appreciated.” Tom also mentioned the need for a basketball set-up for members to ‘shoot for a basket’ … I’ll mention this again next week, plus a few other items needed at this center which helps people in need of programs and services available to them. Tom can be reached at 943-0547.

Printer cartridges (for charity or nonprofit)

“My HP printer died last week and as a result I have six HP-02 ink cartridges available,” says Carl S. of Amherst (LTR 2,710). “The black and light cayenne are in their original packages. The other four colors are approximately 90 percent full. I prefer giving these cartridges to a charity or a nonprofit organization.” The first home-based desktop laser printer was released by Hewlett-Packard (HP) in 1984 and, established in Palo Alto, Calif., in 1939, still maintains a strong presence in the printer market today. If you represent a charity or nonprofit organization or agency interested in these ink cartridges, contact Carl at 673-4314 or email:

Apartment-size recliners available

“We have two taupe apartment-size recliners to give away,” writes Pat M. of Nashua (LTR 3,339). “Very comfortable, no rips or tears, great for family room, basement or wherever anyone can use them. We cannot deliver. Thank you for the great service you provide.” AMC Entertainment, America’s second-largest movie theater chain, in an effort to boost business, is spending more than a half billion dollars to replace movie chairs with recliners. These recliners could be yours to enjoy movies on TV or DVD in the comfort of your home after a call to Pat at 880-3981. Pat adds: “Leave a message, we will return calls promptly.”

Speaking of TVs … here’s one to watch

“We have a 27-inch Sony Trinitron TV that we no longer need since we bought another TV,” says Joe G. of Nashua (LTR 1,870). “It works fine. If you want it, you can have it. You just need to pick it up (includes remote plus operating instructions). Please contact us if you are interested.” Few Sony inventions have had the same gravitational pull as their Trinitron display technology, perhaps only second to the Walkman. Trinitron became a synonym of the best quality TV sets and computer monitors on the market. Interested parties should give Joe a call at 891-0774. Enjoy the viewing!

Handicapped items available

“We have a strolling walker, a standard walker, and a footed cane, all for anyone who is in need of these aids,” writes Mike H. of Nashua (LTR 173). “Have given and requested items using your page in the past. Thank you.” These items are among those we hope not to have to use, but grateful when offered during a time of need. If Mike’s offer would help you, a relative, or friend, do call him at 889-1734 after 9 a.m.


– Carol R. of Nashua (LTR 3,358), a member at H.E.A.R.T.S., starting up a household basically from scratch, has already been blessed with having received items including a complete oak bedroom set, including delivery. Tom Doucette, keeping in touch with Carol on her behalf, can be reached at 943-0547 (cell) regarding items still needed. Many thanks to everyone who has contacted him already.

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