Bedroom decor; spring-cleaning prep for carpets and floors

‘Spring is here!’ with not much to show, between nor’easters, snow squalls and temperatures with record lows. All projects call for a plan, small or grand, to be sure of having the necessary tools on hand. Perhaps you need a dresser and a bed or replacement, or appliances for carpet and floor care for that attic loft or finished basement. Whether there’s something you need, are hoping to find, or wish to pass along to someone in need, the Mailbag is a great place to start!

Bed, dresser and the ‘rest’ of the story …

“I have a full-size maple bed and matching dresser with mirror for someone that needs it,” said Lorraine L. of Nashua (LTR 3,272). “The set is heavy and must be picked up. The condition is like new.” Maple is likely the most useful domestic hardwood, producing everything from syrup for pancakes, to tables and chairs to sit and enjoy. During the 1700s, a cabinetmaker named Rock manufactured Rock’s Hard Maple Furniture. The terms “rock maple” and “rock-hard maple” are used to this day. Twenty-three species of maple grow in Canada and the U.S. Generally straight-grained with a consistent texture, maple can also have a bird’s-eye or curly (fiddle back) pattern that many woodworkers find particularly appealing. If having a full-size maple bed and dresser in your home appeals to you, Lorraine can be reached at 594-3370.

Carpet cleaning and floor care essentials

“Cleaning out storage units, as well as reorganizing my own, reminds me it’s time for ‘spring cleaning,’ having put aside several items to help Mailbag readers who want to prepare to tackle this annual “rite of passage,” said Bert the Picker of Nashua (LTR 1,775). “I have a Eureka Superbroom – model: 161; color: dark blue; volts: 120 AC; amps: 2.0, 60 Hz. The Superbroom has a 15-foot power cord, floor nozzle and easy-empty dust cup. It is lightweight and easy to handle.

Also have a Stanley High Velocity Blower Fan – model 655302; color: yellow; two-speed, 120 volt, a multi-purpose fan that delivers a direct high velocity air stream for cooling, ventilating, exhausting, and drying, for use at a work site, garage, etc. The fan has a durable plastic housing and an easy carrying handle to transport to wherever needed. Good appliance for drying newly-shampooed carpets and/or refinished hardwood floors.

Last item ‘this time around’ is a Conair Garment Steamer to steam-clean clothes at home. The high-velocity steam helps clean and deodorize clothes and other fabric items like drapes, etc. and nice for clothes that have been in storage off-season. Steaming also helps kill dust mites, those barely-visible little pests that cause so many allergic reactions. The steamer has a rotating hanger, another hook for use with your own hanger, a switch to pause steam, a 5-foot insulated hose, and an easy-to-fill removable water tank. Hope someone can use any or all of these items.” Anyone interested should give Bert a call at 883-0990. If no answer, leave a message and he’ll call back.


n Kat R. of Nashua (LTR 2,721), owner of The Lucky Dog Resale Thrift Shop in Nashua, part of the nonprofit ‘Tails To Freedom’ vision, received “A much-needed canister vacuum cleaner, a Hoky to help keep the front door area clean for walk-in traffic and postage stamps, all greatly appreciated.” Lucky Dog, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit, also provides financial assistance for pet spay/neuter surgeries and hardship emergency veterinarian bills whenever funds allow so monetary donations are always appreciated as well. The Lucky Dog Thrift Shop, located at 23 Elm St., in Nashua, can be reached at 882-3647 (882-DOGS). Good bargains, good place to shop and help animals, as well.

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