Candle maker needs cookie cutters, pots, to create lighting

Cookie cutters have earned a place in history. Besides popular tools for baking, these cutters are used for quilting patterns, stenciling, as well as molds for gelatin, Play-Doh and candles. Candles have been used for thousands of years. Once the only source of artificial light, often associated with religious services, candles are used for holiday decorations, birthday celebrations and are attractions at craft fair tables. A local candle maker asks Mailbag readers for ‘tools of the trade.’

Creating candles is her ‘bright idea’

“I have been making candles at home for several years for my own enjoyment and use as well as to supplement my income as a senior with sales at craft fairs and an occasional yard sale at my home,” says Jan C. of Nashua (LTR 2,849). “I use cookie cutters, I’ve found metal or aluminum ones work best, as the molds for my candles. I am also looking for pots and pans to mix the various colors I use. The pots and pans do not have to be in great condition for this purpose. I would appreciate any metal or aluminum cookie cutters anyone may have, as well as any cookware.” The 19th century was a defining time for candles and candle making with the introduction of candle-making machines, invention of the braided wick, and the use of paraffin wax. Candles today are produced from a variety of waxes including paraffin, vegetable waxes, and beeswax (possibly, but not definitely, connected with the slang term ‘mind your own beeswax’…there are many theories). Anyone having metal or aluminum cookie cutters, and/or any cookware pots to donate to Jan can reach her at 931-7311.

Coffee table and end table need a new home

‘Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night …’ keeps our local picker from continuing his storage inventory as he offers a coffee table and a matching side table in the Mailbag to someone in need of furniture. “The oval coffee table measures 46-inches long by 28-inches wide by 15½-inches tall,” says Bert the Picker of Nashua (LTR 1,775). “The round end table measures 24-inches in diameter and is 21-inches tall. Both pieces are mahogany-tone, have Queen-Anne style legs and are in good condition. I need to clear some of my storage space, getting ready for the 2018 flea market season.” A coffee table is a long, low table designed to be placed in front of a sofa to support large, illustrated volumes classified as ‘coffee table books,’ decorative items and beverages (hence the name). Coffee tables and cocktail tables tend to be interchangeable depending upon one’s beverages of choice. Folks interested in these tables can reach Bert at 883-0990. If no answer leave a message with your name and a phone number where you can be reached and he will get back to you.

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