Unicorn needs to find a new home with needlepoint crafter

The unicorn, depicted since antiquity as a white horse-like animal with a single large, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead, is associated with few facts due to it being mainly a creature of myth and legend. The Greek historian Clesias, Marco Polo, and Genghis Khan are among those who have reported stumbled across unicorns in their travels, their accounts having impacted history. The truth is a unicorn project waiting completion has been sighted in the Mailbag!

Unicorn available – ‘not just a horse, of course’…

“I have a half-completed (well-done, if I do say so myself) 14-inch by 14-inch needlepoint project depicting a beautiful unicorn on a dark blue background surrounded by flowers,” writes Karen R., of Nashua (LTR 2,464). “All directions, yarns and picture included. I just know I won’t finish it.” Genghis Khan reportedly decided not to conquer India after meeting a unicorn, which bowed down to him; he viewed it as an omen and turned his army back, apparently deciding not to complete his project. Whether true, or simply a yarn…ahem, a beautiful unicorn needlepoint project could be in your hands after a call to Karen at 889-0307.

Mattress and sheets fit for a twin …

“Hello: I have a twin size-mattress that was hardly used in the spare bedroom,” says Nancy S., of Hudson (LTR 2,392). “I also have twin-size sheets that go with it. It will have to be picked up in Hudson.” American furniture manufacturers actually began standardizing bed sizes shortly after the Civil War, around 1870. At that time, bed and mattress manufacturers agreed upon standard sizes for a single (also referred to as a twin) and double (or full-size) bed. Consumers could now purchase beds and mattresses from different retailers knowing they would fit one another. No purchase necessary here, interested parties should contact Nancy by calling 1-978-808-2987 or email: nan8810@myfair point.net.

Cookbooks for culinary creativity

“Sorting through boxes in one of my storage units I came across cookbooks for someone interested in food (I always am, but in this case, I’m talking about ‘preparing,’ not ‘consuming,’ ” says Bert the Picker, of Nashua (LTR 1,775). “A few of the titles include: ‘Recipes to Enjoy, a collection of recipes by The Ladies of the IFRBC’ (Indiana Fellowship of Baptist Churches); ‘Betty Crocker’s Guide to Easy Entertaining – How to have guests and enjoy them’; ‘Cutco Cook Book – Meat and poultry cookery’ (including tips on buying meat); ‘Help! My Apartment has a Kitchen’ (100 recipes with foolproof instructions), Also, some magazines including ‘Slow Cooker Recipes;’ ‘A Vermont Cook Book;’ ‘Good Housekeeping’s Casserole Cookbook;’ ‘The Ideals All Holiday Cook Book;’ several ‘Cook’s Illustrated’ publications and ‘Cheerios Cookbook – Tasty Treats and Clever Crafts for Kids.’ Looks like some great meals.” Bert can be reached at 883-0990. Leave a message if no answer (say return phone number slowly and clearly) and he’ll get back to you – he may be busy cooking up a new recipe or two himself.


– Thomas G., of Hudson (LTR 3,353), a veteran and single dad of two small children referred to the Mailbag by Rosemarie Dykeman from the Salvation Army, writes, “I wanted to reach out to you today (Sunday, Jan. 28), and thank you for helping me find a pullout sleeper futon for my two children. The expression on my their faces this morning was priceless. A very nice couple responded to my ad. I wanted to reach out to you for a second time (Wednesday, Jan. 31), and thank you once again. On Monday, I was contacted by another great family and they helped my kids and I with another sleeper sofa. I got it yesterday. My kids and I are so grateful and happy. No more sleeping on broken air beds. Thank you so much. All we need now is a small kitchen table with three chairs so we can eat together at a table. That would fulfill our needs. Thank you, Thomas and family.” Happy to hear the good news; sweet dreams to all! Anyone having a small kitchen table and three chairs (maybe even four) can reach Thomas at 1-978-427-7276.

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