Rock on with your kind self: Worldwide movement of painting positive messages on stones comes to Nashua

Correspondent photo by LORETTA JACKSON Carolyn Walley, marketing coordinator for Nashua’s Great American Downtown organization, and her daughter, Addison Walley, 3, enjoy an afternoon at a recent Nashua farmers market where rock painting was an attraction that soon included Addison’s brightly colored stone to the ever-growing Kindness Rocks Project, an undertaking shared through social media with rock painters around the world who purposely leave the little treasures in public places for others to find.
Correspondent photo by LORETTA JACKSON Paula Bowers, a Nashua Rocks Facebook member and local resident, shares some rocks and art materials with farmers market visitor Landyn Molino, 7, of Litchfield, whose mother attested to the high level of creativity he used to color his rock, a masterpiece of many hues.
Correspondent photo by LORETTA JACKSON Landyn Molino, 7, of Litchfield, a visitor to a recent Nashua farmers market, selects some art materials to complete a session of rock painting, an attraction provided by Nashua’s Paula Bowers, a participant in the Kindness Rocks Project and a member of a Facebook group, “Nashua Rocks,” that enables the sharing of images and stories related to finding, or leaving, a smile-generating kindness rock for a stranger to discover in a public place.
Correspondent photo by LORETTA JACKSON A selection of Kindness Rocks, painted by visitors to an end-of-season farmers market in Nashua, are displayed at the table of “Nashua Rocks” Facebook group member Paula Bowers, a lady who has rendered numerous painted rocks with the intention of placing them in public locations where strangers, perhaps in need of some smiles, might find them.

Road signs in the White Mountains caution folks to watch for falling rocks. Luckily, no one in Nashua is endangered by the unexpected discovery of a “kindness rock,” a small decorated stone meant to elicit a smile from the finder. The rocks are tucked by their makers into public places around Nashua and around the world.

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