Tuesday, February 21, 2017
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Despite heat, most local Marathoners complete course

The conditions were difficult because of the high temperatures, but the large majority of local runners entered in Monday’s Boston Marathon completed the race.

The best local time and the fourth best in the state was turned in by Merrimack’s Adrian Wong, who completed the race in 2 hours, 53 minutes and 48 seconds. Wong, 24, finished 234th in his age group.

Other local highlights included a 3:08.47 by Curt Fischer, 43, of Merrimack, good for 123rd in his age group.

Rebecca Kadish of Hollis, who is 55, finished 43rd in her age group with a time of 4:12.11. Pam Triest-Hallahan, 51, of Nashua, was 116th in her age group with a time of 4:06.54.

Local finishers by town were:

Amherst: Erik Swanson (3:19.52), Craig Stoller (3:43.47), Emily Colthart (3:57.54), Lindsey Close (4:06.05); Gregory Early (4:33.17). Kathleen Early (5:22.31), Adam Hawkins (6:12.41), Stanley Vancelette (7:05.40).

Brookline: David Boudreau (3:55.56), William Newsham (4:09.10), Jean Dreyer (5:23.02), Francis Mulcahy (5:30.07).

Hollis: Gregory Hallerman (3:37.48), Robert Bottomley (4:04.56), Rebecca Kadish (4:12.11), Robert Van Uitert (4:30.3), Karen Pattelena (5:08.31), Michael Webb (5:15.57).

Hudson: Fil Faria (3:27.03), John Warrington (4:05.11), Paul Gamache (4:54.56), Bryon MacSweeney (6:24.52).

Litchfield: Elizabeth Fay (5:09.20); Mary Prindle (6:26.10).

Merrimack: Adam Wong (2:53.48), Curt Fischer (3:08.47), Tim Cronk (3:36.04); Trent Hayden (3:40.12), Nancy Epstein (5:07.26).

Milford: Michael Wright (3:53.27), James Kalifelz (4:37.05), David Viger (4:54.16), Paul Joyce (5:43.26).

Nashua: Justin Patronick (3:00.34), Christine Bull (3:47.36), Pam Triest-Hallahan (4:06.54), Elizabeth Galli (4:11.20), Robert Busby (4:11.26), Jonathan Palmer (4:11.34), Jaime Matylewski (4:18.45), Julie Somorrostro (4:29.45), Amelia Moore (4:41.14), Jim O’Connell (4:45.32), Christina Taylor (4:56.06), Robert McCarthy (5:01.14), Colin McDevitt (5:27.15), Daniel Sinnott (5:38.15), Derek Brown (5:51.40), Marjorie Morse (5:52.14), Jeffrey Brown (6:42.50), Kelly Monahan (6:44.43).

Wilton: Jeff Mahar (4:30.00).

These results were gathered via the Boston Athletic Association online at BAA.org. Any local runners who completed the Boston Marathon on Monday and are not listed here, let us know by email at sports@nashuatelegraph.com and we will try to verify your time.