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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Here’s a way to always keep track of your runs

Joe Marchilena

It’s important to take advantage of every opportunity, and that’s exactly what I did during those two weeks of surprise summer we had in the middle of March.

I was able to get outside for a run five times during that warm spell, and as I said during that time, I’d found an app – MapMyRun – to keep track of my excursions.

But since then, the weather took a turn and it’s been a whole heck of a lot colder, at least when you compare it to an 80-degree day.

Sure, this might be more seasonable, but it’s still a little too chilly, and rainy, and gray, to enthusiastically jump out of bed and get excited for a run.

Well, at least for me it is.

Now I’m not exactly sure when the last time I went for a run was, but my phone, specifically my MapMyRun account, remembers.

I got a notice the other day in my e-mail, and on my phone, that it had been 10 whole days since my last run. Here was just a friendly reminder that it’s not too late to get my training on track. Isn’t technology great?

Instead of bundling up and getting back on the trails, I decided I’d take a look at some of the various road races were coming up this spring and summer.

Last year, I had wanted to run a couple of race, but ended up doing just one – the Hollis Fast 5K – and this year, I’m shooting for more than one.

I’m planning on running the Hollis Fast 5K again, which will be on June 14 this year. While I’ve been looking largely at road races, a couple of friends have proposed taking part in one of the obstacle-course type races.

There’s one coming up at the end of this month, the Adventure 5K, which will be at the McIntyre Ski Area in Manchester on April 28.

The Renegade Playground Challenge, which will only be held in six locations this year, returns to Loudon on Oct. 8.

For anyone who doesn’t mind a drive, there will be two Tough Mudder races, one May 5-6 and the other July 14-15, both at Mt. Snow, Vt. And if the only way you’ll run is when you’re chased, there’s Run For Your Lives, a 5K obstacle course that is “infested with zombies.”

Or you could just go out for a run in Mine Falls. The chipmunks are the only things out there that will chase you.

Joe Marchilena writes a weekly fitness column for Hampshire Hills. For more information about the “90 Day Commit to Get Fit” program, call 603-673-7123 or e-mail hhinfo@hampshirehills.com.