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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Feb. 19 KidSports Wrapup: Elks Hoop Shoot, basketball, hockey, gymnastics, wrestling, baseball tryouts


Elks Hoop Shoot

Nashua’s Patel wins state title

Nashua Elks Southwest District Champion, 11-year-old Tilak Patel of Nashua, won the New Hampshire State Elks 10-11 Boys Championship at the New Hampshire State Elks Hoop Shoot Free Throw contest held in the Connie Bean Community Center in Portsmouth last Sunday.

Patel dropped in 22 out of 25 free throw attempts to win his Division.

Nashua’s other Southwest District Champion, Tobey Therrien, placed third with Joshua Morissette of Portsmoth winning the 8-9 Boys title with 24 free throws. Glen Enneper of Lebanon won the 12-13 Boys Division with 21 free throws.

In the Girls Division, Hollis 13-year-old Molly Dee was runner-up with 15 free throws. She was edged out by 12-13 Girls Champion Shannon St. Laurent of Rochester who dropped in 16 free throws to win. Representing the Derry/Salem Elks Lodge, Heather Bridge won the 10-11 Girls Division with 14 free throws and the 8-9 Girls title was won by Gina Madison Riggie of Littleton with 18 free throws.

Following the awarding of division championship trophies, Past Grand Exalted Ruler Amos A. MaCallum presented the coveted Harry Mullen Memorial Sharpshooter Trophy to the top boy shooter, Morissette. New England Elks Regional Hoop Shoot Director Richard Blinn presented the coveted Fred Rheault Memorial Sharpshooter trophy for the top girl shooter, Riggie.

New Hampshire’s six Hoop Shoot champions will now compete in the fourth level of competition against their counterparts from the other five New England States at the Elks Regional Hoop Shoot contest in Portland, Maine on March 24.

The Elks National Finals will take place in Springfield, Mass., in April with the national winners having their names inscribed in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.


Middle School

Nashua Catholic Jr. High boys, girls win state titles

Nashua Catholic Regional Jr. High School reigned supreme last week over the Catholic School basketball world, with both its boys and girls teams winning CYO state championships. Both teams now advance to the New England CYO Championships in Burlington, Vt., in April.

Girls: Nashua Catholic 39, St. Joseph’s (Manchester) 15

After a 56-7 semifinal win over St. Mary’s of Dover, the Nashua Catholic girls squad capped struggled to keep pace with St. Joseph’s in the first quarter of the championship game, ending the first quarter down 7-3, and the first half tied 10-10.

In the second half, however the girls pulled away and never looked back. point guard Marie Laplante scored nine points, with balanced scoring from Danielle Mackey (6) Adaeze Okorie and Brea Veilleux,(7

apiece), Emma Williams (6), and Megan Morelli (1). Molly Dee, Haleigh Therrien, Emily Moran, Meghan Donovan, Meredith Hall, and Victoria D’Anthony all provided quality minutes in NCRJH’s championship run.

Boys: Nashua Catholic 53, St. Joseph’s (Manchester) 12

After a convincing semifinal win over St. Mary’s of Dover, Coach Al Francouer’s Nashua Catholic boys team kept up the momentum into the finals, with Dimitri Stamoulas (eight points), Nate Hale (11), Will Lewis (9), Jack Warden (5), Chad Oliveiri (7), Max Serra (3), Pat Mackey (6), Garrett Bozek (3), Colin Morrow (1)and Casey Fisher turning in a dominant team performance.

Nashua Park-Rec.

Boys Jr. Biddy

Sonics 31, Sharks 8

The Sonics completed their regular season undefeated. Cody Rocheau led all scorers with 12 points, while Emeka Okorie had 6 points and several assists. Scoring was spread through all five quarters as Jackson Lewis (3), Luca Frioni (3), Nathan Kane (2), John McLaughlin (2), Zach Kouchalakos (2) and Aditya Dhavala (2) added key baskets during the win. The Sharks had four scorers – Colby Martel (2), Luis Dvorak (2), Josh Kalman (2) and Neil Kachappily (2).

Cougars 28, Hawks 12

The Cougars finished the regular season with a win over the tough-as-nails Hawks. Akshay Shinde and Joey Morse led the way with 6 points each. Matt Rittenberg played solid defense and scored 4 points. After leaving the game with an injury Kyle Salemi came back in and finished with 4 points. For the Hawks Sebastian Cohelo led the way with 6 points and several defensive steals.



Cavaliers III record shutout

Southern New Hampshire Cavaliers III earned their first shut out against the Stoneham (Mass.) III. Nick Pelletier posted the win in net. The Cavaliers dominated the game with great passing and also putting pressure on Stoneham not allowing them to organize enough to make a comeback.



Boys team strong at Junior Olympics

The gymnasts of New England Gymnastics Training Center competed against over 32 teams from as far as Florida in levels six through 10, consisting of six events. The gymnasts of NEGTC had tough competition but still had strong showings placing in all events. Level 8 gymnast Andrew Sevigny of Nashua, placed third in the following three events, Rings (11.9), Vault (13.3) and High Bar (11.2), placing fifth out of nineteen gymnasts with a score of 69.6 in the All Around. Level 8 gymnast Colby Routhier, also of Nashua, had high scores on Pommel Horse (11.4), Vault (11.3) and Parallel Bar (11.4). Their fellow level 7 and 9 teammates, Hudson resident siblings Colton and Cody Rice, also competed placing fourteenth and sixth respectively in their All Around Events.

NEGTC coaches Jacob Pitts, Tony Cariello, Barry Rogers and Richard Clark lead New Hampshire’s largest boys’ gymnastic team. Their boys’ team will compete Feb. 4-5 in the 2012 Tim Daggett National Invitational in Springfield, Mass.


Level 9 makes a deal for third

Nashua School of Gymnastics traveled to Sterling, Mass., for the ‘Let’s Make A Deal’ Invitational Meet this past weekend. Highlighting the event for NSG was the Level 9 team finishing third.

Level 4 (Penny Division)

Amanda Beauregard had an All Around score of 35.075 (3rd ). She scored 9.1 on vault (3rd), 7.35 on bars, 9.25 on beam (2nd), and 9.375 on floor (1st).

Cristina Cross had an All Around score of 33.8 (4th). She scored 8.75 on vault (8th), 8.3 on bars (3rd place), 8.1 on beam (7th), and 8.65 on floor (6th).

Level 4 (Nickel Division)

Sue Mai White had an All Around score of 35.825 (3rd). She scored 8.975 on vault (3rd), 8.75 on bars (2nd), 9.05 on beam (3rd), and 9.05 on floor (2nd).

Nithya Arun had an All Around score of 32.95 (6th). She scored 8.6 on vault (6th), 7.25 on bars, 8.65 on beam (4th), and 8.45 on floor (7th).

April Koczalka had an All Around score of 32.875 (8th). She scored 8.25 on vault, 8.1 on bars (4th), 8.3 on beam (8th), and 8.225 on floor (8th).

Level 4 (Dime Division)

Annika Sinclair had an All Around score of 35.050 (2nd). She scored 9.1 on vault (3rd), 8.3 on bars (4th), 8.55 on beam (6th), and 9.1 on floor (2nd).

Cloe Rivest had an All Around score of 32.85. She scored 9.05 on vault (4th), 6.95 on bars, 8.55 on beam (8th), and 8.3 on floor.

Level 4 (Quarter Division)

Sarah Thomas had an All Around score of 35.125 (6th). She scored 8.7 on vault, 8.7 on bars (3rd), 8.9 on beam (5th), and 8.825 on floor (5th).

Level 5 (Penny Group)

Samantha Gates had an All Around Score of 35.20 (4th); she scored a 8.05 on vault, 8.55 (6th) on bars, 9.40 (4th) on beam and 9.25 (6th) on floor.

Corey Foster had an All Around Score of 34.975 (5th); she scored a 8.40 (8th) on vault, 7.95 (8th) on bars, 9.30 (7th) on beam and 9.325 (3rd) on floor.

Level 5 (Nickle Group)

Sarah St. Lawerence had an All Around Score of 34.20; she scored a 8.10 on vault, 7.65 on bars, 9.70 (2nd) on beam and 8.75 on floor.

Hannah Speight had an All Around Score of 33.525; she scored a 8.10 on vault, 7.65 on bars, 8.95 on beam and 8.825 (9th) on floor.

Megan Magoon had an All Around Score of 32.50; she scored a 7.70 on vault, 7.40 on bars, 8.70 on beam and 8.70 on floor.

Level 5 (Dime Group)

Emily Colburn had an All Around Score of 35.85 (1st); she scored a 8.55 (3rd) on vault, 8.70 (1st) on bars, 9.80 (1st) on beam and 8.80 (9th) on floor.

Breanna Vivier had an All Around Score of 33.85 (7th); she scored a 8.50 (5th) on vault, 7.55 on bars, 8.85 (5th) on beam and 8.95 (7th) on floor.

Emma Lynch had an All Around Score of 33.225; she scored a 8.20 on vault, 7.95 (9th) on bars, 8.45 on beam and 8.625 on floor.

Level 5 (Quarter Group)

Meghan Cox had an All Around Score of 35.575 (8th); she scored a 8.40 on vault, 8.50 (7th) on bars, 9.425 (4th) on beam and 9.25 (6th) on floor.

Reece Greenleaf had an All Around Score of 34.45; she scored a 8.10 on vault, 8.20 on bars, 9.075 on beam and 9.075 (7th) on floor.

Madelyn Campano had an All Around Score of 34.125; she scored a 8.45 on vault, 8.40 (9th) on bars, 9.125 (9th) on beam and 8.15 on floor.

Level 6 (Ages 9-10)

Devon Rosier had an All-around Score of 34.075 (8th); she scored a 9.05 (4th) on vault, 8,25 (8th) on bars, a 9.375 (1st) on beam and a 7.65 on floor.

Jenna Hantula had an all-around score of 33.200 (9th); she scored an 8.625 (8th) on vault, 8.0(8th) on bars, 8.875 (6th) on beam and an 8.70(8th) on floor.

Abbey Catalano had an All-around Score of 24.475; she scored a 8.10 on vault, 8.150 (9th) on bars, 8.225 (8th) on beam and scratched floor .

Level 6 (Age 12)

Kyra Rivest had an All-around Score of 35.20 (8th); she scored a 9.3 (1st) on vault, 8.25(8th) on bars, 8.75 on beam and a 8.90 (9th) on floor.

Abby Fitzpatrick had an All Around score of 33.65 (12th); she scored an 8.45 (11th) on vault, 8.20 (9th) on bars, 8.55 (11th) on beam and 8.45 (11th) on floor.

Level 9 (Ages 13/14)

Skyler Goss had an All Around of 31.30; She scored a 7.975 on vault, 6.75 on bars, 7.40 on beam and 9.175 (1st) on floor.

Level 9 (Ages 15)

Megan Middlemiss had an All Around Score of 36.00 (1st); she scored a 9.10 (2nd) on vault, 8.45 (4th) on bars, 9.35 (1st) on beam and 9.10 (2nd) on floor.

Level 9 (Ages 16+)

Laura Maggioli had an All Around Score of 31.50 (8th); she scored a 8.30 (8th) on vault, 7.30 (8th) on bars, 7.80 (7th) on beam and 8.10 on floor.

Level 10 (Ages 16+)

Molly Fitzgerald had an All Around score of 31.90; she scored a 7.65 on vault, 6.70 on bars, 8.60 (1st) on beam and 8.95 (3rd) on floor.


Middle School

Nashua middle schoolers shine at Regionals

The middle school wrestling season started its wind down last weekend at the annual Regional Tournaments, where wrestlers qualify to compete in the State Finals.

Any wrestler placing in the top six advances to The State Finals at Litchfield’s Campbell High School.

Members of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Nashua’s public middle school wrestling teams and the Nashua Catholic Jr. High team competed in the Regionals, held in Goffstown and Concord, with the following results.

Fairgrounds Middle School

7th-8th grade division: 1st place: Brendan Kendall 157; 2nd place: Zack Torla 98, Patrick Sullivan 103, Cole Humber 115; 3rd place: Zack Gath 170; 5th place: Nick Quadros 89; 6th place: Brendan Murphy 115, Noah Telerski 128, Brian Covey 147.

5th-6th grade division: 1st place: Trevor Froburg 76; 2nd place: Saul Pascual 117; 3rd place: Nick Vallie 104; 4th place: Jake Fitzpatrick 124; 5th place: Nick Cardin 110; 6th place: Owen Mooso 94.

Pennichuck Middle School

7th-8th grade division: 2nd place: Brian Sewell; 3rd place: Ethan Kim 134; 6th place: Kyle Dexter 103;Christian Moreno 147.

5th-6th grade division: 4th place: Seyvon Soto 76.

Elm St. Middle School

7th-8th grade division: 1st place: Brian Toupin 124; John Sweeney 147; 2nd place: David Muite 115; 3rd place: Ben Lugo 89; 5th place: Trey Legrew.

5th-6th grade division: 1st place: Tim Roscor 117; Aren Kennedy 124; 3rd place: Garret Hillard 145; 4th place: Isaiah Johnson 84; 5th place: Thomas Christian 54.

Nashua Catholic Jr. High

7th-8th grade division: 1st place: Cole Nickerson 89, Thomas Pappas 107 ; 4th place: David Toomey 111; 5th place: Jack Stone 111; 6th place: Danny McGrath 146.

5th-6th grade division: 1st place: Colin O’Connor 68


In the Massachusetts state qualifier, BGCGN’s Jordan Rowlette placed first in the 103-pound class.


Nashua Cal Ripken

South registration open

Nashua South Cal Ripken is currently accepting registration information for the upcoming 2012 season.

Any boy or girl (ages 5-12) born between May 1, 1999 and April 30, 2007 is eligible to apply. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn the game of baseball and play against great competition.

Nashua South is hosting the 11-year-old New England Regional All-Star Tournament this year. Visit for more information.

West, Northwest merge to form Central league

Nashua Central Cal Ripken baseball is now accepting registrations for the spring season. Nashua West and Nashua Northwest have recently merged to create Nashua’s newest baseball league for players age 4½ thru 12. Registration can be completed online at or in person from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. each Saturday and Sunday through March 11 at the Nashua West Clubhouse (above the concession stand), located at the corner of Grand Avenue and North Seventh Street (Next to the Ledge Street School).

The fee is $45 for each player, new and returning, and $60 maximum for each family. Visit for more information and to register.

Nashua Little League

Registration now open for 2012

Nashua Little League offers levels for all boys and girls from age 5-12 years old. We also have The Challenger Division (5-18 year olds), a program for developmentally and physically challenged youth, helping them to enjoy the full benefits of Little League participation in an athletic environment structured to their abilities.

Spring baseball registration fee: $35 for the first child and $30 for each additional child (family cap is $75). Every child that applies by the March 11 deadline will be placed on a team. To register, visit This is for minors and majors only. Walk-ins are welcome.

Sunday, March 11 from 1:30-3 p.m. for ages 7*, 8, 9, 10; and 3-4 p.m. for ages 10*, 11, 12 and players who want to change teams.

*Players can try out for the next level but must be approved by league.

Location: Bishop Guertin High School at Roedel Field House, 194 Lund Rd., Nashua, 03060.

For additional information, visit or contact Marion at (978) 226-3868 or via e-mail at


NH U14 Black Flies holding tryouts

The 2012 New Hampshire Black Flies 14U AAU baseball team is seeking one or two players to complete the roster.

Based in Bedford, this highly competitive program offers a small roster size, indoor winter training at the Hampshire Dome and the Playball of Nashua, professional instruction and league play (both AAU and GSBL). The team will be ending the season in July with a trip to compete in the AAU National Championships, which will be held in Fort Myers, Fla., at the spring training facilities of the

Boston Red Sox and Minnesota Twins. For additional details or to request a tryout e-mail