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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Nashua Telegraph scribe gets his own bobblehead from Silver Knights

Tom King

So this is what it’s like to have your own bobblehead.

Really, those who read the prose offered in this space don’t see the word “I” very often. That’s by design. ...

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So this is what it’s like to have your own bobblehead.

Really, those who read the prose offered in this space don’t see the word “I” very often. That’s by design.

It’s not about yours truly, it’s about the topic.

OK, so now does this seem like the topic is yours truly?


The bobblehead given away to fans at Friday night’s Nashua Silver Knights game is indeed an honor. The way it was explained to me by Silver Knights president Tim Bawmann was it was to recognize the effort of covering a series of teams that have called Holman Stadium home over the years.

For that, the appreciation is ever present.

But you know in these eyes what this bobblehead truly represents? The fact that there is a franchise, an entity that calls Holman Stadium home in the summer to be able to give away bobbleheads in the first place.

That’s the key.

That’s the real important thing.

This space has never held back on that topic. Yours truly works in sports.

It’s a fun job, so that means it’s a lot of fun to cover a baseball team at Holman, professional or collegiate, and the facility certainly is of the caliber that it deserves to have a team.

Never thought you could sell out luxury suites for a summer collegiate wooden bat league team, but Silver Knights owner Drew Weber & Co. have proved that theory wrong.

That being said, there’s still so much more work to do on both the part of the team and the community. They’ve had great nights of crowds of over 2,000, like Friday night.

They’ve had disappointing nights, such as when only 950 showed up at Holman on a gorgeous Saturday night when the team was even giving away Pedro Martinez Bobbleheads.

A venture to Worcester for the Knghts-Bravehearts morning game on Tuesday was eye-opening. These eyes saw independent league baseball do so-so at Fitton Field, and eventually it trended downward.

Indy ball has a lousy business model for New England. But after a year of no summer ball at Holy Cross, the Bravehearts have taken off.

Why? Because reportedly the city’s business community is rock solid in its desire to have a team thrive there.

Tuesday’s Camp Day had a crowd of about 1,500, although about 1.200 more was announced (including season tickets and no shows from the camps). They all get included in the final count; it’s tickets sold). Word was a Worcester Chamber of Commerce member there paid for 600 underprivileged kids to go.

Get the picture?

That’s the kind of stuff that you’d love to happen here. Oh, the Silver Knights will do fine, but it could always be better.

Bawmann said the other day that while paid attendance was down a little from a year ago (the last two crowds may change that), the actual “butts in the seats” total, as he puts it, is up.

The Silver Knights have clearly become a viable entity. At least, as we said, there’s a baseball franchise that calls Holman Stadium home for 26 dates or so, one that can give away bobbleheads, even one of a local scribe and make him look 20 years younger.

Where’d that little guy get all the hair?

And, one final, very important note: Let the record show that Friday’s bobblehead giveaway drew more fans than Pedro Martinez Bobblehead Night.

Think about that while you’re relaxing under the mango tree, Pedro.

Tom King can be reached at 594-6468 or tking@nashuatelegraph.com. Also, follow King on Twitter (@Telegraph_TomK).