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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Let’s talk climate change, fishing and gun control


Outdoor Notebook

Time for the occasional shaking out of collected bits and pieces taking up space here and there in the pages of the notebook. Unwritten thoughts hide away, hoping that they’ll eventually see the light of day.

So, here goes: ...

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Time for the occasional shaking out of collected bits and pieces taking up space here and there in the pages of the notebook. Unwritten thoughts hide away, hoping that they’ll eventually see the light of day.

So, here goes:

The weather, according to Mr. Gore, is not only warming the planet but is responsible for warfare in Syria and unrest in the Middle East. While the former (former has a nice sound to it when it comes to most political personalities) vice president and I disagree on many things, I do agree that there has been a change in the weather, but not to the degree that I feel is life-threatening to any of us in the foreseeable future.

Spring, the past few years, seems more like an ugly extension of winter than it has in years gone by. Storms in the middle portion of the country seem more vicious than my recent memory recalls and winters in my world last forever. But then again, the older I get the less tolerant I’ve become of anything under or over 75 degrees with moderate humidity and blue skies up above (put in a lazy river and you have the makings of a great song). War in the Middle East has been going on since dinosaurs disappeared from that part of the world a long, long time ago – weather isn’t the problem there – sorry, Mr. Gore.

Ticks – either of the dog or deer tick variety – are for the most part overwhelming this time of the year. While ticks have been around since the dawn of pest problems, they are more prevalent than ever before.

Flea and tick collars, which were once effective, seem to have lost a lot of their usefulness in deterring these micro vampires and they are a constant plague to all of our four legged friends. However, the effect on humans is more dramatic as the cases of tick bite related diseases are increasing and can be potentially disastrous to your health.

Tell your doctor of any tick bite and seek medical advice for any bite that develops the tell tale red ring around the bite site. Lyme disease is an extremely hard tick bite induced disease to diagnose and can be devious in the way it can hide inside our body. Always use an insect repellent when utilizing the great outdoors and avoid (if you can) those areas habitat friendly to ticks such as tall grassy fields and woody areas with brush.

Summertime and the living may be easy especially if you are a resident of this great state and can take advantage of all the fishing opportunities that are available. From Sunfish to Stripers, from bass to bluefish, we have it all within a drive of an hour or two from where you are reading this.

If you are going to avail yourself of saltwater fishing don’t forget that you need a saltwater license to fish the coast and estuaries of New Hampshire. A New Hampshire saltwater fishing license allows you to not only fish the N.H. coast and estuaries but also those of Massachusetts and Maine as well. Quite a deal for an annual license fee of only $11.

Last item from the pages of the notebook is a very sensitive topic for both sides of the aisle of controversial topics. Gun control, public shooting, school shootings and the right to keep and bear arms.

It is needless to mention that as a writer of an outdoor column that supports hunting, and as a hunter myself, that I would be an advocate for gun control. Easy access to guns by the law abiding public is most likely a distant second to the ease of procurement of guns by the criminal element amidst our society. Those states and cities where guns are the most restricted or fall under severe control also seem to have the highest rate of misuse of firearms. Point of fact, not fallacy.

School shootings, public shootings and even private shootings cut all decent, law-abiding citizens to the heart and soul of our values we hold sacred. There is nothing worse on TV than seeing the police locking down an area in which a shooter is harming children as we watch with hurting hearts and ask ourselves repeatedly “Why this is happening?” I find it hard to accept that such evil exists amongst us, yet I know realistically that it does and threatens each and every one of us everyday.

Is the solution more controls on guns or on ourselves? I, for one, don’t think more restrictions on most of what is being blamed for this gratuitous violence is going to solve the problem in the least. But I do think that there is a solution.

Violence in our society is rampant and we only need to open our eyes to see the tutor for this violence sitting right in our midst. The most popular video games our young adults play are more violent, shoot-em-up prone than just about all other forms of games out there. The movies presented on the big screen are full of cold-blooded shooting committed by the bad guy without a blink of the eye all while hiding under the guise of entertainment. Television is no longer the vast wasteland but rather the vast waste infinity.

So it seeks the advertising dollars it needs to continue its futility by putting out shows right in your living rooms that have more violence, sex and deviation from the old fashioned norm than you can imagine.

Violence is the rule of the land throughout this great country of ours and until we nip the source of that violence at the roots then we will not be able to control the end product of violence – death, destruction and a ruination of the lives it touches more and more everyday. Open your eyes and see – open your mind to old fashioned principles of decency and values and you’ll learn where the problem lies.

The views expressed in the Outdoor Notebook are expressly those of the author only and he welcomes any feedback, pro or con that you may wish to submit to