Saturday, February 25, 2017
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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Nashua Senior Softball Wrapup

Hanson’s Automotive 11, IMEC 10

Hanson’s Zeke Zarakotas had a great day with four hits and Rob Rich had himself a 3-for-3 day for the winners. Peter Burr, Roger Neild, Don Kasper and Clarence Farwell all had two hits. IMEC’s best bat was Jim Edwards with a 3-for-4 day and Al Ross, Sonny Twardosky, Ron Lewis, Paul Valdanbrini and Paul Nickerson all stroked two hits apiece. ...

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Hanson’s Automotive 11, IMEC 10

Hanson’s Zeke Zarakotas had a great day with four hits and Rob Rich had himself a 3-for-3 day for the winners. Peter Burr, Roger Neild, Don Kasper and Clarence Farwell all had two hits. IMEC’s best bat was Jim Edwards with a 3-for-4 day and Al Ross, Sonny Twardosky, Ron Lewis, Paul Valdanbrini and Paul Nickerson all stroked two hits apiece.

Art’s Painting 13,
Jok’s Auto Sales 8

Another close one, at least until the sixth when Art’s pushed five across to Jok’s two. Knowing that they needed an inning like their fourth when they plated four on a Ron Monteiro homer and five other hits, the car guys tried but couldn’t muster much of an offense in the top of the last with a hit and two fly outs sandwiching a fielder’s choice. Manager Jerry Ferullo’s painters had four guys with three hits each, Dick Gillespie, Mitch Milewski, Ferullo and Peter Monaco. Jok’s Del Patton and Ben Tosi were both 4 for 4.

Calvary Lock and Key 10,

Dr. Dionne’s Seniors 1

Dr. Dionne’s Dale Stearns and Calvary’s Bob Lavoie were locked in a great pitchers’ duel with nary a run scored after five innings. In the top of the sixth, however, the locksmiths got to Stearns for seven hits and the maximum five runs to take a commanding lead with six outs to go. Calvary repeated their spree with five more in the seventh on six hits.

When the good doctor’s charges came to the plate in the last of the seventh, they had a formidable task ahead of them but could muster only one when Alan Hallee knocked in Bert Guimond, who was on third with a triple. John Chase and Larry Hersh led the Calvary attack with three hits each and John Poulos, Lavoie,

Amherst Autoworks 14,

M&N Sports 9

Amherst bookended this game with five runs in both the first and the last innings as they coasted to a wire-to-wire win in this one. Skipper George Mosnicka’s sportsmen showed some life in the third, fourth and the last but they couldn’t get the key hit they needed to tighten things up. Amherst’s lead-off hitter Bob Lamontagne proved to be just that as he went 4 for 4 with a triple, two doubles and a home run and manager Geoff Geoffrion was close behind with a 3-for-4 day. For the M&N squad, Frank Sommer, Mosnicka, Gary Royal, Fred Mapplebeck, Bill Kotopoulis, Frank Miethe and sub Boh Buczynski all reached two times.

Art’s Painting 12,
Hanson’s Automotive 5

Art’s kept up its double-digit runs streak via 21 hits and seven runs across before Hanson’s could plate one runner and they scored in all but one inning in this rout. They were led by four men with three hits each: Dick Gillespie, Steve Coco, Mitch Milewski and Art DiGiovanni. Jerry Ferullo, Bob Larose and Carl Seidel all contributed with two hits apiece. Hanson’s best were Zeke Zarakotas, Peter Burr, Don Kasper, manager Woody Woodward and sub Don Cassily with two hits each.

Jok’s Auto Sales 9,
Calvary Lock & Key 8

This one had good defense stifling some offense early on and a couple of excellent defensive plays to win it in the end. Calvary had a 6-4 lead going into the sixth inning and pitcher Steve Stitt was hitting his mark when the sales guys bats came to life with seven straight hits producing five runs in the last of the sixth. Calvary wasn’t done, however as it worked five straight hits in the top of the seventh to pull within one run.

Jok’s best offense was provided by Patton’s 3-for-3 day and Ben Tosi’s identical linescore. Monteiro, Rick Latham and Don Fusco added two hits each for the winners. Calvary’s John Chase was a perfect 4 for 4 and Stitt was 3 for 3 with a walk game. John Poulos, Steve Brzozowski, Rousseau and Ron Bedard all contributed with two hits each in the loss.

Pine Street Eatery 13, IMEC 4

There was no suspense in this one as Pine Street pitcher Bill Hodge cooled the engineers’ offense before it had a chance to get off the launching pad while his mates pushed eight across in the first three innings and coasted from there. Hits for the winners were pretty evenly distributed with three from Dan Birck and two each from Boh Buczynski, Kip Ferguson, Bill Simmons, Bob Sullivan and Dave Brody. IMEC’s best was Paul Valdanbrini at 3 for 3 and Charlie Howe and Alan Ross, both going 2 for 4.

Amherst Autoworks 18,

Dr. Dionne’s Seniors 7

For Amherst, Dan Walsh was the high man with a 4-for-4 day with Pat Cassier close behind at 4 for 5. Bob Lamontagne, Dave Krumenacker and sub Bill Kotopoulis all whacked two hits for the winners. The good doctor’s boys spread their offense around with six men getting at least two hits and Wally Hedlund with three. Harold Murphy, Peter Olsen, Alan Hallee Steve Morgan and sub George Mosnicka provided their additional firepower.

Pine Street Eatery 9,
Art’s Painting 8

Most of the damage Pine Street inflicted came from the top of the order as the first four stroked nine of the team’s 15 hits. Dan Birck was the high man, going 3 for 3, while Boh Buczynski, Ray Floryan, Kip Ferguson and sub Woody Woodward banged out two each.

Art’s Mitch Milewski went 4 for 4, Dick Gillespie 3 for 4 and Bob Larose, Carl Seidel and Jay McNay had two hits each.

Calvary Lock & Key 12,

Amherst Autoworks 8

Calvary’s 25-hit attack was led by John Poulos, Steve Stitt and Ken Rousseau’s perfect 4-for-4 days, while Steve Brzozowski and sub Harry Doutt stroked three hits. John Chase and Larry Hersh added two hits each to a Calvary attack that scored seven of its runs after two were out in two innings. The car guys got good 2-hit days from Lamontagne, manager Geoff Geoffrion, Thom Riley, Dave Krumenacker, Al Abele, John Cebrowski and Bob Liscio. Geoffrion and Bob Lamontagne each stroked a double while one of Riley’s whacks put him on third.

IMEC 15,
Dr. Dionne’s Seniors 12

IMEC’s attack was led by Frank Twardosky’s 4 for 4 and sub Ben Tosi’s 3 for 3, while Ron Lewis went 3 for 4 and Charlie Howe, Jim Edwards and Ralph Boehm all stroked two hits. Edwards also contributed a walk. The almost-comeback for the medics was led by Wally Hedlund’s 4 for 4 game, Harold Murphy’s and Leo Melanson’s 3 for 4 games while Bert Guimond, Paul Poisson and Peter Olsen added two hits each. Sub John Poulos added 3 hits in 3 at bats for the almost-comeback kids.

M&N Sports 10,
Hanson’s Automotive 5

Leading 6-5 after four innings, M&N pitcher Bill Kotopoulis shut Hanson’s offense down while his guys helped out with four more runs to win this one going away.

Hitting for the winners was well spread out as eight batters had multi-hit games led by Gary Royal’s 4 for 4, Joe Bimonte’s 3 for 3 and three-hit games by Harry Doutt, Fred Mapplebeck and sub Bob Lamontagne. One of Doutt’s clouts was a four-bagger. Don Cassily and Frank Miethe contributed with two hits each.