Weber fully focused on Silver Knights

Telegraph photo by TOM KING Silver Knights owner Drew Weber, shown with manager B.j. Neverett last summer, says he's more involved with the team than ever before.

NASHUA – He now wears the title “majority owner” rather than just owner of giving up a portion of his team.

But make no mistake about it – the Nashua Silver Knights are Drew Weber’s team now more than ever.

That’s because this current off-season he’s more involved than he has been since he created the local Futures Collegiate League entry back in 2011.

The league itself has had its issues, with the legal dispute with the Martha’s Vineyard Sharks delaying schedules, as well as getting things set for the new Westfield, Mass. Franchise.

But Weber says he’ll worry about his top priority – the Silver Knights.

“I’m concerning myself with Nashua,” he said this week from his home in the New York area. “I’m putting my efforts in Nashua. This is the most time I’ve spent talking to the office. I’ve told them (co-general managers Victoria Cookson and Michael Broderick) that I want them to put me to work.

“In reality, I probably have more time than they do. It’s fun for me.”

Here’s an example: Weber has had a lot of contact with city officials as he’s finalizing a three-year renewal of the current lease, and is happy that the city is going to be renovating the luxury suites at Holman Stadium, and Weber says he’s taking it upon himself to help out with something he felt went wrong in 2018.

“They’re doing work in the suites and I’m very pleased about that,” he said. “They took a walk throug and they agreed with me that it’s time.

“But you know what? This was just talking, and the thing discussed was the foot situation wasn’t good there. There’s going to be some changes made.”

And thus Weber says he’s taking it upon himself to make calls to find a potential caterer.

“I’m making calls to see if it’s possible to find a catering service up there,” he said. “Why not? If you call enough people, something is going to happen.”

Weber offered his thoughts on a few other things concerning the FCBL

On the current litigation with Martha’s Vineyard and the health of the league:

“You know what, I hate not being able to talk about this stuff but they tell be absolutely not,” Weber said. “But the league is fine. The league is OK.”

On selling a minority portion of the team to a group headed by local banker Frank Teas, Jr.: “I wasn’t looking for it, and truthfully I don’t know many people in Nashua,” Weber said. “But Frank is one of the people I do know and I think this is great.”

On the new Westfield, Mass. Franchise: “I like it a lot,” he said. “I like the two owners (Christopher Thompson and Don Moorhouse). They’re smart, they’re good. I like them.”

On replacing outgoing commissioner Chris Hall: “Yes, something will be happening soon,” he said, meaning a replacement is indeed close to being named.


Hall the other day reiterated that the Teas group’s minority ownership will be good for the franchise. “It’s outstanding,” he said. “Really, really good people. I like Frank, think the world of Frank. He has such passion for the game of baseball.”

Hall said he’ll likely be taking a job outside of baseball, but that he will still be available if needed. “I’ll be helping out,” he said.

Until a new commissioner is named, Worcester owner John Creedon, Jr., the president of the FCBL’s Executive Board, will be the chief spokesman/decision maker for the league.