City, Silver Knights lose ‘No. 1 Sports Fan’ Bill Neverett

NASHUA – The Nashua Silver Knights returned to Holman Stadium Friday night, but clearly something was missing.

The loss wasn’t on the field, it was in their hearts as the team joined many in the city in mourning the loss of Bill Neverett, father of the team’s manager, BJ Neverett.

Bill, according to his son, Tim, passed away suddenly in the early morning hours of Friday.

“‘Pops’ was Nashua’s number one sports fan, a fixture at Holman Stadium and everyone’s friend,” Tim notes in his upcoming weekly Sunday Telegraph column.

That was evident here at Holman during Friday’s pre-game, which was being directed by assistant coach Kyle Jackson.

“He was such a huge fan,” said Jackson of the late Mr. Neverett. “He was here all the time. BJ’s parent’s celebrated their anniversary here a few weeks ago.

“They knew everybody. It’s just a huge loss for the New Hampshire baseball community, and especially here in Nashua.

Jackson said that he wasn’t sure if BJ would actually manage Friday night’s home game with the Pittsfield Suns.

Baseball, at sad times like this, can often be therapeutic.

“When something like this happens, there is an escape,” said Jackson.

“Maybe the ball field can be his. You don’t have to think about anything else but baseball here. The game is important for those three hours. It’s a chance to forget what’s going on off the field.”

It was early on in the evening, but Jackson indicated he was very satisfied with the attitude of the Silver Knights’ players in a tough situation.

“The whole team has our thoughts and prayers with him and his family,” said Jackson. “We told the players to enjoy the game and be very respectful to the one person who is so responsible for them being here.”

Tim Neverett also noted that he will step away from his position at Fenway Park as the radio voice for the Boston Red Sox during the Saturday and Sunday games against Minnesota to spend the time with his family.