Kaleb Joseph working with young hoop players at Boys and Girls Club

Adam Urquhart Kaleb Joseph, standing in the middle wearing a black shirt and white pants, poses with the teens he’s working with at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Nashua.

NASHUA – Nashua native Kaleb Joseph is teaching teen boys at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Nashua lessons they can apply both on and off the court.

Joseph, a Division 1 basketball player at Creighton University, has been coming to the club since he was 8 or 9-years-old and said he wouldn’t be in the position he’s in now without the club. Joseph graduated from Cushing Academy, and prior to transferring to Creighton, he played for Syracuse University. He’ll be entering his senior season this fall.

“I grew up here, and it’s important to me to never forget where you come from. I live right across the street so I see a lot of these kids walking here everyday and they remind me a lot of myself,” Joseph said.

Joseph comes back and tells players about the things he’s been through because he was in the exact same position as a lot of them. He said a lot of these kids come from poverty and that people don’t realize the impact that can have on their education.

“I just try to inspire them and show them the blueprint on how to navigate some of the tough situations they might face as they get older. Hopefully some of the things I say stick so that they can make some good decisions when they get older.”

Joseph leads by example and said these kids need good role models. He said a lot of these kids are the ones who get in trouble at school and lack guidance.

“Sometimes that’s all they need, for someone to care and give good energy back to them, and it goes a long way,” Joseph said.

Tuesday night he did just that, guiding the 15 to 17-year-old AAU team through different drills.

Coach Tawon Faucher said, “He’s giving back and letting the kids know that dreams can come true.”

However, it’s not just hoop dreams Joseph is looking to inspire within the kids he works with saying, it’s not just about basketball. He also wants kids to focus on their education.

“Say I never make a dollar playing basketball, or never make it to the NBA or I break my leg tomorrow and can’t play. Just by getting an education, it puts me in a better situation than a lot of the kids I grew up with who weren’t fortunate enough to have the same guidance I’ve had,” Joseph said.

So, as a returning alumni to the club he’ll continue providing that sense of guidance to these boys over the summer before he returns to school to take on his senior season.

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