LeBron James has become oblivious to playing the fool

Let’s get right to the point:

All the King’s horses and ESPN cannot put Humpty James back together again.

LeBron James’ self-inflicted head gash Thursday night showed the world exactly what he is all about. For those who have not seen the replay, Golden State’s Andrew Bogut prevented an open layup with a medium-hard, very clean foul in Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

Not satisfied with the two free throws he was granted, James took a premeditated dive off the floor that ended with his head slamming against a TV camera several feet away.

“I think he jumped into the cameraman,” Bogut said, as reported by USA Today. “Yeah, I think he came down and took two steps and then fell into the cameraman. I definitely, definitely didn’t hit him that hard.”

The reporter’s follow-up question: “That’s how you saw it?”

“No, that’s how it was,’’ Bogut replied.” If you look at the replay, you can see the two steps being taken and then him falling into the camera. That’s what we saw on the replay, and that’s what my teammates saw.”

Once again, it is clear that His Highness’ middle name is spelled F-r-a-u-d.

MANAGING FOR SURVIVAL: When a big-league manager is shown up by one of his players, before the TV cameras, it almost always means the manager is not far removed from getting the boot.

Such is John Farrell’s fate. He will not be fired because Wade Miley pulled a temper-tantrum in Baltimore upon being informed that his woeful night on the mound was over. That is merely a symptom confirming that the team is now adrift, with its season circling the drain.

If the Red Sox are capable of getting very hot, very quickly, Farrell’s chances of keeping his job are at least steadied. Stringing together a long win streak cures lots of ills.

But after losing their fifth straight game Saturday, that doesn’t look particularly promising.

ONE ROUND-TRIP TO THE RIGHT:Anyone familiar with my political leanings will find the following statement astounding, but the American Enterprise Institute may have gotten something right.

The conservative think tank offered its analysis of Deflategate, and concluded that J. Edgar Wells and his elves did a fairly poor job of investigating and recording its findings.

The bottom line of a dry-as-dust study (via a link from Bleacher Report): “… our replication of the report’s analysis finds that it relies on an unorthodox statistical procedure at odds with the methodology the report describes. It also fails to investigate all relevant scenarios. In addition, it focuses only on the difference between the Colts and Patriots pressure drops.

“Logistically, the greater change in pressure in the Patriots footballs can be explained by the fact that sufficient time may have passed between halftime testing of the two teams’ balls for the Colts balls to warm significantly, effectively inflating them.”

Gee, are these guys Patriots fan-boys?

Now, we scurry back to the left side of the aisle.

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