Another round of ‘Commit to Get Fit’ set to begin

Kim Clifton had a text message.

After Clifton and fellow fitness instructor Maureen Malloy spent the better part of the last hour informing a group of people at Hampshire Hills about the “90 Day Commit to Get Fit” program, she remembered there was a message from a former program participant waiting to be read.

The client went to the doctor Thursday for the first time since finishing the program, and had let Clifton know right away that results of blood work showed his numbers were the lowest they’d ever been.

“The doctor was impressed,” Clifton said.
“It’s a life-changing experience, it really is.”

It was for me, too. I dropped 30 pounds following the program’s lifestyle change, cut almost 140 points off my cholesterol and reduced my body fat by 10 percent.

Those were the kind of things Clifton and Malloy were trying to share with the group Thursday night. Everyone who was at the info session stopped at the front desk afterward to inquire about signing up for one of the two classes that will be offered this fall.

It will be the second time Clifton has a taught the program at Hampshire Hills, as she led the one class that took place over the summer, which had 14 participants. Malloy will be leading the other for the first time at Hampshire Hills, but for the seventh time overall; this will be the fifth time for Clifton. Both have also taught the program at the Salem Athletic Club.

One of the classes will be during the day, tentatively starting Sept. 27 and continuing Thursdays, while the night class is scheduled to begin Sept. 24 and run Mondays.

When I think back to my time in the program, I remember being nervous and a bit hesitant about starting it. I suppose those feelings are to be expected when trying something new, but it seems odd to feel that way when someone offers you a way to improve your well-being.

At first, it was a little weird being in a class again, even one that met just once a week and which consisted of exercising and sticking to a meal plan as homework. But one of the benefits of being in a group setting was the accountability. We weren’t weighing in every week, but having to look at a room full of people – who knew what you were supposed to be doing – every week was a great way to stick with the program.

Maybe I’ll drop by a few of these classes, just to keep myself honest. Hopefully, I’ll see you there.

To find out more information about the “90 Day Commit to Get Fit”
program, call 603-673-7123 or