Fault lies not with one ex-Laker but with Celtics themselves

Alan Greenwood

Let the conspiracy theorists begin the celebration.

A story posted on larrybrownsports.com served up some red meat for anyone convinced that the Celtics could not possibly have imploded this season on their own. It alleges that Jayson Tatum, while working out last summer with Kobe Bryant, took some of his hero’s advice to heart and, in the process, ruined his chance for a true break-out season.

“Shoot every time. Pass if you have to. But if not, shoot it,” Bryant is said to have told Tatum.

If such is the case than there is a conspiracy case to be studied. Anyone who watched Tatum chuck countless, ill-advised long-range jumpers could testify to that.

Of course, the case fizzles out upon recalling the silly 3’s that most of Tatum’s teammates launched.

In other Celtics post-mortems, it is being reported that Kyrie Irving is pondering whether to reunite with His Highness for the Lakers next season.

What an insufferable duo that would make.

TIME TRAVEL: May 12, 1949 – “Hundreds of Nashua sports fans had their first taste of track

and they liked it. They watched coach Horace Herlihy’s runners swamp Manchester West in a dual meet at the vastly inadequate South Common grounds by a 72-18 score.

“… Eddie Lacombe, Purple sophomore sensation, continued his terrific pace with a triple win in the 70-yard dash, 220-yard sprint and the running broad jump.”

The South Grounds’ inadequacy was illustrated by spectators escaping injury “by flying spikes or weight equipment by the narrowest of margins.”

Spectators continued to dodge shot puts and javelins for many years


AND FINALLY: Bill Belichick loves football history, even before he claimed a large chunk as his eternal legacy. Maybe that’s why he signed Ben Watson to a one-year contract.

Watson logged one of the briefest retirements in history when he accepted the Patriots’ offer to reprise his role at tight end. Since Watson will turn 39 years old on Dec. 18, he and Tom Brady could bid for the oldest quarterback-tight end touchdown tandem the NFL has ever had.

We will leave it to the stat geeks to research that tidbit.

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