A few Bruins have mostly been disappointing

The most compelling, yet still simmering, story line in Boston pro sports today?

It has to be the cornerstones of the Boston Bruins franchise for the last decade-plus – Patrice Bergeron and Zdeno Chara – disintegrating right before our very eyes in these NHL


The heat has just begun trickling onto Bergeron, who at 33, is clearly a step off these days.

Nobody on this planet would have predicted he’d have more penalty minutes (8) than points (5) through 10 playoff games. But get off the numbers for a second.

He’s not skating, not even close. Something is wrong. And that body, which has logged serious miles, is showing the wear.

Chara, 42, plays the game now like a 6-foot-9 traffic cone with the game’s best poke check, a superb post-whistle, face-wash, and a shot from the point that still intimidates.

The TB12 method worked … for a while … but it’s time to scrap the membership at Tommy’s gym and avocado ice cream stand.

He’s ready for the country club. Shave off the playoff beard and carve a few strokes off of that handicap.

This could get ugly with these two guys who have been hall-of-famers on and off the ice here and don’t deserve the Nomar-like exit treatment, for which Boston fans are notorious.

Other Bruins currently letting this city down?

1 – Brad Marchand. Seriously, he’s growing into a bully, able to score and dazzle against the non-playoff flotsam and jetsam.

His playoff indifference is noticeable.

2 – Charlie McAvoy. You called him the “Next Ray Bourque,” remember?

I called him Charlie McAverage, and I might have overstated things a bit.

Hey, big guy, this team needs a No. 1 defenseman and you’re it.

Act like it.

Somewhere, Tuukka Rask feels like the world was just lifted off his shoulders.

Go Bucks

In spite of this NBA anti-Milwaukee bias, I’m sticking with the Bucks to knock off the Boston Celtics.

The reasons are simple. Milwaukee is better. It has the best player. And Boston remains a team in flux/disarray.

The league handed the Celtics a road win. It’s the only reason Boston had a shred of life. And, of course, the Green Teamers were making room in the TD Garden rafters for “Banner 18.”

How did the league hand the Celtics a win? Shame on you all for not understanding. The NBA, which had ample time to coordinate its dates, force Giannis Antetokounmpo to play on Greek Easter. No chance he was going to be on his game.

Seriously, though, -350 Las Vegas favorites simply don’t lose series in the NBA. It doesn’t happen. Milwaukee steals one of the next two in Boston (watch the guys blowing the whistles closely) and then each team holds serve with the Bucks prevailing in seven.

Neverett fan

Let me clear the air before the next point. I don’t know Tim Neverett, never met the man, never worked with him, have no history with him in my Nashua travels, so there is no conflict of interest here.

Not having him back this year is a bigger Boston Red Sox mistake than sinking all that cash into the Boston Globe, hiring Bobby Valentine as a manager or even letting Craig “Chicken Wing” Kimbrel walk for nothing in return.

So far, this experiment to fill the Bosox radio booth with a string of “guest” play-by-play guys has been disastrous, forcing me to click off within minutes.

I admit it. I don’t watch big league baseball. I listen to it. It is the backdrop of my summer, as I have stated here before.

But other than Sean McDonough, who was/is flat-out spectacular, it’s been a string of guys straight out of Greenville.

Josh Lewin and Mario Impemba seem like nice guys, too. Not listenable.

Of the rest on the slate, Dave O’Brien and McDonough will be about all I can handle.

Neverett wasn’t Ned Martin or McDonough, but he was solid enough.

Huge gaffe by the Sox.

Lineup lacking

Sticking with the Red Sox for a second. Leave it to them to muddle a picture that is as clear as the Ansel Adams seashore shot on my family room wall.

If Michael Chavis plays, Jackie Bradley Jr. does not.

You can try the kid at first, third or second (oof, that was ugly!) but he has the look of a 1B/DH/OF (if need be) type at 220 pounds.

That to me, means bye bye, JBJ and your .148 average. Mookie or Benintendi slides over to center, and JD picks a corner.

Chavis assumes the lead in a Moreland/Pearce platoon for the two spots, first and DH.

Of course, JBJ, with his .406 OPS, looks like King Kong compared to Steve Pearce right now, who is somehow swinging it at a .103 clip with a comatose .295 OPS.

As for second base, it’s a mess. And praying for Pedroia is no answer.