Spring has sprung for local high schools

Some stray sports thoughts for the day as I wonder whether Chris Sale could actually break a pane of glass with his fastball these days …

The high school spring sports season is upon us and for most teams in all sports, save for volleyball, April is about survival.

Wind, rain, snow, cold … You name it, spring athletes certainly must be hearty types. It’s a requisite. …

Some out on Route 122 might be a bit surprised that Quinten Wimmer has dropped the lacrosse stick and joined twin brother Sander on the Hollis Brookline High School volleyball team.

To me, it was a given. First, I saw how Eddie Leonard and his coaching staff accepted not only Sander but former Cavs football-hoop sensation Matt Simco last spring.

The Cavaliers have harnessed the single key to volleyball success in the Granite State.

Leonard’s crew keeps it fun. Quinten’s switch was a mere matter of time.

Three sports, three seasons, both junior brothers. Not to overlook this spring, but the 2019-20 school year could be mighty interesting for the HB football, hoop and volleyball programs thanks to the Wimmers. …

Opportunity is knocking and it’s knocking often up at Milford High School for folks looking to step up and help young student-athletes while testing their own merits as leaders.

A slew of coaching openings have presented themselves with the Spartan program for the 2019-2020 school year.

Athletic Director Marc Maurais noted recently that MHS is seeking applicants for the positions of Varsity Girls Volleyball, JV Girls Volleyball, Varsity Boys Soccer, Fall Spirit and JV Field Hockey for the fall season.

I can say this about the openings. First, you can’t find a more prepared boss to work for than Maurais and second the Milford High student athletes rarely disappoint when it comes to quality of kid and quality of competitor. …

Definitely, as 50-something lifelong New Englander, have to appreciate the Patriots naming Leon Gray to their team Hall of Fame.

Gray was a Pats original, the first true road-grading tackle in franchise history.

Of course, working next to Pro Football Hall of Famer John Hannah had to make life at least a little bit easier for Gray.

Still, if you witnessed the work he did through the 1970s at Schaefer Stadium, you’d understand why us old coots respect him so much. …

I know it’s been ugly, not just with the Red Sox but with their big-bucks buddies, the Astros and Yankees.

Combined they are 7-15 through the early going.

Come October, all three are AL playoff locks. Book it. …

Finally, is there any doubting how important Friday night’s Boston Celtics battle at the Indiana Pacers is?

Basically, the winner will get home court in their Eastern Conference-opening playoff series.

And you know this one is going the distance. The Celtics must win on the road tonight, and Jaylen Brown and Marcus Morris, among others, have migrated to the injury list.

Nothing, but nothing, is easy with the 2019 Celtics.

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