Silver Knights wasting no time in moving ahead

Take a good, close look now at your Nashua Silver Knights.

To the casual observer, they’ve been an off-season circus. Since the final out was made in Brockton back on August 6, the local Futures Collegiate Baseball League entry has had four general managers (two as co-GMs), two majority owners, and one minority ownership group.

Even in their wildest days, things didn’t get this crazy with the Nashua Pride. Close at times, but not quite.

But we’re here to tell you that the circus is over, and the makeover is well underway, just in time. And it’s going to be done right.

“We’re ramping it up,” new Silver Knights owner John Creedon said last week when announcing the hiring of new general manager Dave Puhicki (he would be No. 4), and operations manager Cam Cook.

This is how it should have been. Drew Weber, with all the success he had with the affiliated teams he’s owned, as well as the Silver Knights, did the right thing in selling. The absentee owner thing didn’t work, even for a low-overhead, 28 home date summer collegiate league franchise.

We can’t pass judgement on how things were done in the last year, but it’s clear that Weber never had the comfort level with any of his front office that he had with former GM Ronnie Wallace and assistant GM Cheryl Lindner after they stepped down in November of 2017. That’s the only way owning a team from long distance works, if your management team is the right fit.

Creedon is making sure of that. Pahucki is a former player and also eager to get back into the baseball biz. He’s an older (but only by 10 years) Wallace with more customer service experience, something Wallace really gained on the job.

We personally hope Creedon can find a spot for former co-GM Victoria Cookson, who knows the territory around here, knows the way the fans and the community think, and has been helping the transition. But that’s his deal. Either way, onward and upward.

What we want to tell you is a sense of stability is returning. Not only did the Silver Knights undergo change, but the FCBL did as well, with a court case vs. Martha’s Vineyard, a franchise that is now the New England Collegiate Baseball League’s problem. While you don’t like the optics of losing a franchise to another league, no one in the FCBL is shedding a tear over this and the new Westfield franchise seems like a smash hit given the turnout for its nickname unveiling.

The hard work here in Nashua begins this week. Monday was the scheduled first day of school for Pahucki and Cook, who will be rolling up their sleeves and getting to it. Creedon said he will likely have a job fair soon, to get the summer staffing in place. What is set that on April 17 there from 5-7 p.m. there will be a reception in the Holman suites for season ticket holder, sponsors, city officials, host families, any players, etc. for fans and the community to meet the new ownerhip and team staff. A nice touch, and a show that Creedon & Co. are going to be a presence.

And want to make Holman a destination and a happy time for fans. If you’ve been to a game in Worcester, there never seems to be a dissatisfied customer at Fitton Field. Creedon and his vice president, Dave Peterson, know exactly what they’re doing. And if they feel they don’t, they’ll ask.

Of course, getting everything in place late doesn’t help – the season opens in less than two months. It also doesn’t help that the opener is a Wednesday night, instead of the big Friday night extravaganza.

Pahucki sounds perfect for the job. Energetic, approachable, ready to go, ready to blaze his trail.

Weber realized in time that the franchise needed hands-on, in person attention from ownership, which a retired businessman who no longer resides in the region could give. Oh, there’d be a season, there would be fans showing up, but the ship might have been rocky.

Now the waters are steady. We’re telling you that right now, the Silver Knights may have found gold. Hopefully, we can all enjoy.

Tom King may be reached at 594-1251,, or@Telegraph _TomK.