Once again, LeBron James loses control of massive ego

Alan Greenwood

LeBron James brought his talents to Tinseltown this season and the Lakers ended up in the same ditch they occupied before he arrived.

The reported consensus among his teammates is that he has often reacted like a complete jackass when one Laker or another fails to perform to his liking. He greased the skids that slid coach Luke Walton out of town after not making the playoffs with His Highness wearing the Purple-and-Gold. He has bemoaned the way the team’s roster is nothing like the roster he would have surrounded himself with.

In other words, James is a bigger blowhard than ever, which is no small feat. You may recall the five, six or seven champions he promised in Miami.

The planet’s most annoying ego has reached its zenith.

Last season the Lakers finished a dismal 35-47; as these words are rapped out, they stand at 34-42, which means they may actually have achieved a sliver of improvement.

That sliver will only have cost them $50 million, give or take a million.

The Lakers have only one option as they look to next season: Make LeBron James the NBA’s first player/coach/general manager/supreme leader.

He’d never do it, of course. It’s easier not dealing with accountability.

TIME TRAVEL: March 31, 1964 – “A 16-game schedule, featured by five night games, has been listed for the Nashua High baseball team. The slate was approved and released by the Board of Education last night. Friday, April 24, has been set as the baseball opener at Manchester West with the home inaugural on Sunday, April 26, against Manchester Memorial. Sunday games will start at 2 o’clock.

“Coach Buzz Harvey has already started preliminary preparations for the campaign by working with the batterymen at the high school. The general call and the move to the stadium drill field will be made as soon as weather permits.”

These days the schedule is 18 games, the opener is earlier, Sunday afternoon games are a rarity.

One thing stays the same – practices in the gym until the weather permits.

Nothing like taking ground balls off the


FEARLESS POLITICS: Who says politicians are gutless?

Well, some are. But not New York Mayor Bill deBlasio.

The Yankees opened their season Thursday at their palace in the Bronx.

But deBlasio spent his afternoon in the parking lot at Citi Field for some sort of non-baseball event concerning the city’s automobile fleet.

DeBlasio has not been shy about proclaiming his lifelong allegiance to the Red Sox, and says he will not attend a Yankees game at the Stadium.

“I’ve been very clear on that fact repeatedly,” deBlasio said, according to the Boston Herald. “It wouldn’t be a good experience for anyone involved.

DeBlasio also declared that “I’m stupid, but I’m not dumb.”

Ah, if only all politicians were so candid.

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